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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

old and new mind candy

 photo 25lovecoffee.gif When the dream turns into a musical of kids singing, it's time to get up.

 photo tired.gif Aaand that didn't last long. I've got a mutiny on my hands. In a minute we're all going back to bed. PT assessment apparently massively triggered stuffs, so I stirred a couple pills into my coffee. I'll start over again in a couple of hours.

This totally happened in the realm yesterday, stylin in his Air Jordans. Thought I'd get the shoes when I killed him, but noooo. Senseless killing for nothing.

I had made something cool (sorry, didn't get pix) and then ran around for awhile, thought this was an alien city from a distance. Turns out there's an ice spires biome.

Oh, what the heck. Have some eye candy. Still under construction. I don't go anywhere near it in survival mode because I draw creepers like flies. Creepers love dropping onto my head from behind me. Not my creation, that's all Kai's doing. The thing is huge.

Ok, I'm going back to bed.

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