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Saturday, May 14, 2016

change of plans

Whatever that hit frenzy was seems to have about stopped. No idea if that is connected to switching to https, or why it even happened in the first place. It's too coincidentally timed with a private convo to rule out valid reader response, and it didn't stop cold turkey after the switch, so the entire thing could be coincidence. At any rate, thank you Russia for the extra 500+ hits this week.

I've been exposed to whatever spiked Bunny up to 105 temp this week, and doctor has already ruled out many things, so unless we hear differently, I'm expecting a roseola rash. Since I can be a contagious carrier for a couple of weeks even as an immune person, I've opted out of the family reunion at the end of the month, plus given my medical history, it's probably best I stay home anyway in case I crash and the virus reactivates, which could be bad. No sense driving to another state and risking a crisis or exposure. I'm one of those people that picks up everything. Since I'm such a recluse, it's usually pretty easy to trace back where I pick things up. One year I picked up strep from a contagious carrier at my mom's memorial service who developed symptoms the same day I did later in the week, another year I picked up hand-foot-mouth from a waiting room full of supposedly healthy adults waiting for colonoscopies (I was only a driver, and all I touched were wooden chair handles), another year I got CMV from a dental hygienist wearing gloves (I saw her unwrap a piece of candy and put it into her mouth with those gloves on) and I found out later that her husband coincidentally had CMV the same time I did. My contact with people is so minimal that I make a great guinea pig for seeing how quickly and easily a spoonie picks up germs, so the last thing I want to do is get to a reunion and infect other people who can pass something on to small children and babies that will scare everyone with temp spikes. There's a 2-week incubation period, so in about a month half my relatives could be getting sick across the United States after taking it home with them.

And THAT is how you slow down the zombie apocalypse, people. Know your germs.

Imagine being the parent of a child with a compromised immune system because cancer or cystic fibrosis or something. This is why the vaccination debate rages on. I heard growing up that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Bet people still getting polio don't agree with that. I've gotten a lot of things that were never treated because I grew up without doctors and medical treatment, and even though none of it killed me outright, my entire adulthood has been pretty puny, and I wound up having heart surgery over a heart rhythm problem that started with the measles in high school on top of untreated Lyme and a history of bartonella and eptstein barr, all of which I carry positive markers for, and all of which have made me very ill at some point.

I imagine some of you get tired of me bringing that up, but if you guys aren't already aware that we're all swimming in a mess of germs even in the cleanest of places and you think dragging out to the pharmacy with a raging snotty fever is cool because you weren't witty enough to stock up your home with medicinal comforts ahead of time (pain killers, fever reducers, digestive aids, antihistamines, etc), then I have absolutely no sympathy for whatever misery you're in. We live in a golden age, and what I see around me are a bunch of low IQ cave dwellers slumping their ways through life and/or deciding that whatever belief system is in their heads is the way the world really works. It's called thoughtlessness, an insensitivity to the population around you when we should all know better because we are inundated with it nowadays. Relatively healthy people who spread germs willy nilly without thought are only here because they're blessed with supportive DNA and chance, not because they're smart or beautiful or deserving.

I sound bitter, but that's just the real me leaking out. @bonenado has seen a lot of the real me behind the scenes this week. I'm not exactly judgmental, just hateful. I hate everyone when I'm like this, probably because I'm just really tired of never feeling very well. Nothing personal. Well, except Bunny. I love my Bunny. She can be sick all over me all she wants.

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