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Sunday, May 29, 2016

flame horse thugs #greatbandname

wow, an open mineshaft, how awesome is that
The closer I tunnel to 0,0, the faster and more horribly I suddenly die, and every time has been lava. I'm a seasoned lava pro now, how is this even happening? I was on an empty ledge, working downward very slowly, super careful, collecting coal, and suddenly- what? I couldn't tell if I I fell or what, but suddenly everything was gone, the world was black, I was on fire, and I couldn't even see a direction to try jumping out of the flames. It was like the void opened up and swallowed the whole game.

So, naturally, that means it's time to get a cup of coffee and plan my next move. I'll need to dig out my amulet now and summon my flying horse, and it'll take 2 minecraft days to fly back to where I last went back down underground. I didn't dare try to /back after respawn. I did that about 500 blocks back, someone had a portal tucked into a niche partway up a ladder out of a tunnel, and I got sucked into hell so fast, actually tumbled down a hill and got beaten to death immediately by a gang of flame horse thugs, and I was stupid enough to /back and do it all over again.

How's your Memorial Day weekend going? lol

Batman is really liking pre-K so far (he just turned 3), which is wonderfully surprising. He's spent several months preparing with integrative therapies. I wish they had all this when I was a kid, or when my sploit (Batman's mama) was a kid. My brother was more into the rocking thing than I was, but my 2 sisters seemed to be more interactive and compliant and got along a little bit better, although I remember my youngest sister having kind of a hard time at first. Since we were no different from how my dad grew up and the kids he'd seen in his family growing up, no one was really concerned (except when my brother 'refused' to read for awhile, no one knew I simply couldn't read at all until 2nd grade, and my daughter refused to make any letters except Os so she spelled her name OOOOO for awhile when she started school). Pretty much all of us snapped into program right around 2nd grade and suddenly started reading and handling school better, but for me, kindergarten and first grade were nightmares.

Bunny is still the circus kid gogogo just like her mama before her and her Papa before that and her great granny before that. They're just as genetically wired as my family, but differently. They're super integrative socially and catch on quickly to new things, but they're also so creative and innovative and easily bored that school is too slow for them, having to go slow and absorb is challenging.

It's been very interesting see opposite ends of the neuro spectrum coming together as a family, and the coolest thing that's ever happened to us as a group structure. I think what a lot of people don't realize raising kids on either end like that is that they've got high IQ people on their hands, and there is no real difference in the smarts, just the life approaches. One way is methodical, the other way is practical application, and when you put the two ends together, you get a LOT of problem solving done if you know what you're doing. The key is being familiar with the concept of neurodiversity in the first place.

I've been on UK time all weekend, so I've been up ridiculously early 3 or 4 days in a row now. Since 4 a.m. is my usual time, you can imagine what I mean by ridiculously early. Some of my night owl tweeps were just going to bed when I got up.

Let's see, what have I not seen before....

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