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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

T'Pinky would be my Vulcan name

Oh, nothing, just walking around eating watermelon...
Who else put on 2 pounds over Memorial Day weekend? *woot!*

I'm blaming the giant salad.

And it's BACK TO WORK! Yes, I actually worked this morning, on real work stuff. And I liked it.

My internet got so slow over the weekend that I couldn't get on multiplayer for about 24 hours (I was privately blaming it on space weather Chance of Storms on Memorial Day, but it was probably more local on either my end or the server end), so I went to my friend's private realm and got silly building a diamond house in a forest that keeps flaming up from lightning strikes and a lava bed spewing little sparks. At first it looked really cool, but that wore off pretty quickly. There's probably a reason we don't go crazy with house colors in real life, like maybe overload on the brain or something. Anyway, it's actually 3 stories tall now, so that roof you see became a floor.

In the meantime, documenting ponytail length. My hair is thinning out again, but at least not in patches, probably from a couple of med dosage changes. It has seemed a bit dramatic to me, but I don't think most people would be able to tell. That weird 'lump' on my ear is a piece of rogue cartilage. If it laid upright and flat instead of laying over, I'd have proof that I'm half Vulcan. Btw, still my natural hair color. My mom was completely gray and going white-headed by this age.

Movie gang got back together over the weekend, was super fun. I got a few snips, these click back if you want to make them bigger.

Anyway, we experienced a strange and very rare lack of Bunny bomb on Memorial Day weekend, so for the first time in maybe our entire marriage we actually did nothing for 4 days straight. By nothing I mean no driving around (except briefly to the local cemetery), no shopping, no visiting, no grill, no jaunts off to theme parks or the swimming pool or anywhere else, just a lot of TV and yard work and #napclub. Yes, we had sex. Yes, it was noteworthy. We also had awesome chili cheese dogs (I inhaled my dogs with sauerkraut), lots of bacon, a little pan of brownies, taco and Italian nachos (not mixed), and giant salads.

I'm getting so psyched. Star Trek is one of the extremely few franchises I'll still go suffer a real movie theater over. Star Trek Beyond

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