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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

12 Pinkys

So I had one of those long, rambly dreams that wound up with me in the back seat with a blanket and ice cream while I drove myself home, only we seemed to be taking the long way because we kept thinking of places we wanted to go and either do things or see someone, and it got dark on us so driving me decided to cut through behind 'town' and we wound up going down a very long steep bumpy dirt road through some dark woods. I wasn't worried at first, but after a few bumps and it being so steep, I grew a little alarmed as I realized that I couldn't see where we were going, even though technically I was driving, because I was in the back seat with a blanket eating ice cream. I decided everything would be ok since I would be seeing what driving me was seeing at some point since it was me, but after a little more thought realized that no, that wouldn't be happening at all, because I had chosen to be in the back seat, and driving me and back seat me were experiencing now at the same time, and I can't and never will see both nows because I won't actually loop around, because driving me isn't from the future and came back or anything, no, driving me is NOW and I chose to be in the back seat instead of driving. There really were two mes.

I got so absorbed in thinking all this out that I didn't realize we'd arrived at the end of the dirt road, which came out behind a convenience store and around into a parking lot by a park, where other people were hanging out, including a fox hunting club on horses (not the foxtrotters, which is in my neck of the States), and one of the young ladies on a horse, all dressed like a rich English rider, had a pet squirrel, which I thought would be awesome to get a pic of for my squirrel gang on twitter while driver me had already gotten out and left the door open and the car kept rolling, and then I was all busy trying to get my phone and unbuckle my seat belt and find the door handle and cranky that I had left the car to roll away like that and now I was going to have to get out because I couldn't just get the pic through the window.

The young lady in real life is someone I've never met but whose name I've heard in passing in recent convo, and I'm pretty sure this whole part of the dream was about my real life somehow because before all that happened, I was musing over a list of names I keep in my head of a string of people who've called me friend over a number of years that I repeat to myself once in awhile, kind of like Arya Stark, but I don't want to kill anyone. Why this particular young lady showed up is beyond me, well it's really not, she's part of the bigger puzzle we all live, and I suspect her place in the puzzle is a conundrum somehow, like a distraction that pops up now on the side of the list of names because she affects that list, but not me personally, unless you count a sort of ripple effect.

I'm not crazy about people I know of in real life showing up in my dreams (really rare) because things that happen in certain types of dreams wind up being true later somehow. It gets a bit eerie, and I'm not the only one in my family that does it, and none of us really talk about it, but it creeps us out. I'm not sure how a young lady in English riding clothes on a horse with a squirrel on her shoulder is going to pan out in real life, but the result in my dream was being frustrated that I jumped out of my vehicle and left me to keep rolling away and then felt tangled up enough to fight to get out of the vehicle. If this is all metaphorical, I'm not looking forward to what the real stuff is when it comes. Whatever the blanket and ice cream and trying to get to my phone were all about pales to me not being in control of another part of myself that doesn't properly operate heavy machinery, but the whole thing looks more like me just going along with something until it goes out of control and then I'm upset with myself.

I've been watching a LOT of 12 Monkeys lately. Coolest thing ever on the webs are time maps, which come in handy for stuff like Doctor Who, but lately I'm trying to wrap my brain around 12 Monkeys. I saw the original movie at least 25 times, and I can see all the ways they're tying subtle details over from the movie into the series. I'm finding it very compatible, and the characters all make sense in the series reboot, applause to excellent skillz by writers who obviously care about homage to original content. In the meantime, here is the 12 Monkeys time map site. It lets you follow every jump in the order they did them in the series, but plots out where all the jumps land on a handy timeline so we can see how the bad craziness of jumbling things out of order affects them all. There's a little button on the bottom right that you have to turn on to activate it, and then you click across from the bottom left starting with episode one to see all the jumps display onto the map. Each jump line has its own notation you can click for more info and will load the jump scene if you want to view it again. Unfortunately, this map covers only the first 13 episodes.

And then I dove into wikis. If you want to see the series timeline listed out, here is a good page. I kept digging and wound up at Temporal Anomalies in Time Travel Movies unravels 12 Monkeys, which covers the movie but not the series. I think there are a few more glitchy areas than this last reviewer noticed, but maybe he didn't watch it 25 times like I did. I wouldn't bring it up except some of you guys know I went a tad crazy over the Continuum time jumping in my Jason Sadler crush, and while some of you are either relieved or frustrated that I don't obsess a whole lot more about time problems, none of you know what I'm actually working on in private, and it's a whopper. I've been obsessed with time all my life, as we can imagine since I wrote time as a self correcting system.

We're watching the characters in 12 Monkeys handle time shifting, time smashing, time looping, time whatever stuff, with the hint that being 'crazy' is what happens when you experience too much time all at once or out of order or whatever. All the characters wind up questioning their level of 'craziness' at some point, how far they'd go with the motivations that haunt them, etc. It's fun to think about, and scary, too. If our real lives could get that tangled up, how crazy would we feel? The Unstuck Pinky

I'm still thinking about going over that list of names in my dream. The list changed. The order changed. I didn't foresee Pinky being my own self-fulfilling prophecy.

Oh, well. Need to get on the ball. Physical therapy in about 3 hours, and I need a shower and breakfast and all that stuff.

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