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Saturday, June 25, 2016

bridges through space and time

Back under control, yay! Did a few neck thangs, nerve glosses and stretches and stuff.

So I dink around in singleplayer sometimes experimenting with how something will work or look, and I'm wondering if taking this idea to multiplayer will be a disaster. I'm having to let a /home go so I can teleport way further out now to a new /home (you only get 3 homes in MoCreatures), so literally going hardcore parkour between development bunker areas is super risky. Using my flying horse would be convenient, but keeping my pet amulet on me is a great way to lose that horse forever if I die horribly in lava, and I've lost where I stashed it several times already as I move around. I finally learned to /warp to a specific chest to keep it in, and that worked for awhile, but eventually I wind up dying again. Really wish I had vid from a couple days ago. I was building a glass floor deep inside a dark ravine over a spider spawner at the very end of a mineshaft, super dangerous area but it was so cool looking down and watching the spiders through the glass, crawling all over themselves trying to get to me and falling into a river of lava far below (that's about as close to Mirkwood, Morder, and Gollem as I can get on minecraft), and I didn't notice one making it up a far wall and coming up behind, and totally knocked me off the glass floor, and we fell together all that way down into the lava, and I lost *everything* I was carrying. THAT is why I have to be careful about carrying that amulet around.

Anyway, I have to cross a couple of oceans getting to different bunkers, and I'm thinking about plotting out my direction from some of my coordinates (I keep a notebook of coordinates, very serious about multiplayer) and bridging over one of the oceans. This is from singleplayer in creative mode, but I don't have to worry about creepers in multiplayer and the only other thing that would destroy the bridge is actual players griefing on purpose, and that is super strictly monitored, so I feel fairly safe building it, but it will take a LOT of work and time and be fairly dangerous in multiplayer because we're in survival mode there.

I think it's a pretty design. I've experimented with several bridge designs, this is the most simultaneously efficient and elegant.

As long as you stick to the torches, no problems falling into the ocean. There is no wind on moc (some mods have wind damage now), and nothing gets rainslick. There would still be danger from lightning, but I think the torches will keep mobs from spawning, although that won't stop mobs from being able to use the bridge themselves. I was once pushed off a water crossing by a spider and then shot to death by a skeleton floating in the water while the spider was all over me, so yeah, there's always risk. And that's not counting a stray bear or shark or even just a witch and jellyfish, but I still think it would be worth it.


I may have finally found a logic flaw in 12 Monkeys. In episode 2.8 "Lullaby" they could have stopped at any point before they even killed Jones and drastically changed the future. They took out the leader of Spearhead, for one, and corrupting Spearhead's future might have meant Jose never found out he had a son there, so that whole conundrum could have simply vanished. Time kept resetting, though, even when they didn't kill Jones, until they finally figured out they had to save Jones' daughter without her knowing she'd been saved, because Time needed her to be exactly like she was to keep the direction she'd gone intact. And then she meets Hannah all grown up, actually got a little tear in my eye.

BUT. If they never, ever use Hannah again as a key player in the 12 Monkeys story, that was an extreme logic error, because otherwise, all they had to do in principle to escape the loop was not kill Jones. Well, they kept looping anyway, even when Jones didn't die, so obviously they weren't spit out of the loop over AAAALLLL that other stuff. So saying it all boiled down to Hannah can't be entirely correct. It meant that not just Jones, but everyone else in Jones' history HAD to be kept in place, including the leader of Spearhead. So I feel the snippet of explanatory dialogue at the end of the episode was begging the question a bit. Either Jones is slipping or the writers are, and I tend to lean on writers. Also, they jumped right over springing Jennifer out and how that was done without destroying Spearhead, as well, so all this focus on Hannah is really bothering me. This episode would have been done more justice if it had been a two-parter or even a cliffhanger into a 3rd season.

Ok, I'm way off course today, need to get back on track. The Bunny sleepover is up in the air, thunderstorms may or may not actually roll over, one of those really iffy days, so best be ready for action.

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