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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

just, SPLAT

*wow* Last night's dream was a dance in delicacy.

I've changed. A LOT. Someone who knows me personally from years ago to now would definitely notice. I used to be way more super aspie than I am now, less self aware, confused and 'uncaring', nearly everything black and white with me. I've chillaxed.

So last night went on forever. An old friend I know irl that I lost contact with years ago had decided to push the past and all my stuff now aside and moved in with me. I was hers.  She redecorated my entire house, fixed me up (surprise!) with a whole new wardrobe, planned and scheduled all my days out, and even showed me that she'd been keeping written diaries on me for years.



Scott kind of thought it was funny (in the dream) but agreed it was a little bit of a problem since she kept getting in between us. He was wanting me to pick up a particular collector's video for him, and she kept pulling me aside to make me change my clothes (right there in public) and fuss at me to get ready for some meeting or soiree. I was handling it all really well in my dream, just kind of going along with it to a point (I'm sorry, I can't just change my taste buds like that, but yeah, those wall hangings are ok {because I really don't care about my walls anyway}), but when it came to wearing toe prosthetics (???? !!!! yes, you heard right), I called moratorium and said that's it, if my toe isn't delicate enough for your fine sensitivities (I don't even have an ugly toe), go find someone's whose is. And then I just took it off and walked away, which was difficult because she kept holding me back and trying to shove it back on.

That was cute, just got a logged out of different location notification ~on blogger~. All these years, first notification. I think Edge is toying with me. I'm on Chrome and it's pouting. Find Who Has Access to Your Gmail Account All the activity listed seems to be me.

Oh, that reminds me. I got one of those 'test your site with Google' emails where they can ping across devices. This is my report card.

I have no idea if part of this test includes pinging through Jawn or not, but I live in an area where internet speed is precious and rare and takes lots of money to procure (yes, even with a Nighthawk), so I know my page loads laboriously and not instantly. If I were in Springfield using shared wifi, I'm sure it would be faster, so no telling what's behind this kind of report card and what they might want to sell me. Google analytics has been wanting me to go pro for awhile... I have Lexxperience with these things. Lexx on Droid All I know is that I can fix all I want on my end, doesn't make it better for you guys if you have slow wifi or older tech, knowhutImean. BUT, yeah, I did go out of my way to make this blog very mobile friendly. Many professional sites out there still aren't. This is what you guys look like on my end.

Is anyone else noticing that deleted mail from legit companies (Best Buy, Penney's, etc) can now kick back in as read mail on mobile? Cute, guys, real cute. That doesn't happen with other stuff I delete.

Still free associating through stuff. This, this, this... Take what you want from it. Might be overkill, might be brain training, might be people who have way too much time on their hands. I'm not the one to say. Disclaimer- I have no religious interest in this. Only political.

Yesterday just floated away from me, literally. Yes, got more of my 'unsticky' list done, bathrooms got cleaned, laundry all caught up, but by the afternoon I was a fruit loop, so I hung around in Kai's private realm experimenting in creative. I ran into an ocean monument and decided to own it and redecorate. It's out so far beyond anywhere we've yet explored that unless I post coordinates, no one in the realm will ever see it, so it's all pix and vids for that one. It'll take time, but whenever the mood strikes me, I can go annoy those pesky Guardians. All of this is underwater, if you're unfamiliar with minecraft. I don't have to worry about dying because I'm in creative mode. It's so funny how cranky they look at me, cracks me up.

Don't worry, I'm still over at the jungle on multiplayer a lot. I've got a cute little jungle garden growing right over my jungle bunker.

Natural fire damage is turned off on MoCreatures (so our structures and farms won't burn down, I presume), so it was interesting running into lava flow through the jungle.

On the private realm I play in, whole forest areas blaze up just being near a lava pit and getting sparked on. My diamond house is an experiment in building next to a lava pool. I built on an area where a bunch of trees burned down. I'm always surprised to go back and find my fence still up.

I'm one of those lucky people who actually gunk up a little more over this kind of stuff. I live in botany heaven. #lifeinthewoods Just mentioning in passing. Whining.

Stalling now, actually. I need to make a few executive decisions about what to do next, preferably in the category of 'useful'. By the way, yes, I'm pasting #pinkyblog links over to facebook more often now, so some of you just discovering Pinky blog are surprised to find out I'm weirder than you thought. Or maybe more sane than you thought. Whatever. It's all good.

Time to skid outa here. Another disclaimer- my thing is survival. Cautions galore on this vid. NSFW.

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