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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

have you ever thought of our body systems as apps?

Chrome won't let Jawn get vids, and old lappy just can't pull that kind of workout off any more, so this morning I invited Torch in. Jawn is thrilled. I'm thrilled. Torch is thrilled. And all the app exes are fighting and it's hilarious and I hope nothing is f*kg up my hard drive.

I really am my happiest like this.

I like getting to the tops of these crazy mountains and then drilling all the way to the bottom. This is the same spot later when I was ladder testing so I wouldn't fall to my death. The white things are snow fluttering down from the hole I made at the top. Even after all this time, I still pause to watch sunrises and sunsets.

Going back to once a month with the psychologist for the summer, and nearly done with this round of physical therapy, so I'm hoping July is will be wonderfully back to routine. My daily workout schedule has been blown to bits between stepping down the beta blocker and aggressively hitting that spot in my neck, and a whole week of heat advisory already spiked all that right into super fibro flare, so I'm mostly just micro focusing on immediate top priority. Got a form filled out this morning that HAS to be mailed off by end of the month, paypal is just about ready for transfers that HAVE to be done by the end of the month, things like that.

Psyche guy wants me to do another sleep study, so if he remembered to note that to my doctor, he'll probably get that ordered to be scheduled when I go back in for follow up on the beta blocker thing in a couple of weeks. Last night was ridiculous. I think it's been at the very least over 9 years since my last sleep study. I think it's the usual junk, the ups and downs of med changes and season changes and whatevs, but he wants to rule out REM related apnea because my dreams are pretty off the wall. Well, I've had severe insomnia for so many years that's probably related to the nerve damage in my neck, I'm more of a wait and see if we continue to solve some of my issues over time, because I've started actually sleeping in the last couple of  years. It's hard to sleep well when you're spending a month reliving an ancient whiplash in physical therapy because it triggers a fibro flare. Anyway, I'm sure another attempt at a sleep study can't hurt. The first one I had was pretty lame, my insomnia was so severe that I slept 20 minutes, and 4 hours into it they just booted me out. They were at least able to document the alpha delta anomaly.

A little piece of my brain just reminded me I need to focus back on TODAY. Physical therapy this morning, and no idea what kind of shape I'll be in afterward, so maybe I should go do my dishes and start some laundry before I go. This afternoon might be a complete washout. Get it? Washing.. oh nevermind.

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