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Sunday, June 12, 2016

flyover recon

And I say early (even though I often bounce awake way earlier than this) because this didn't happen until 11:35 last night. It was ok though, couple friends of mine were telling me about the Warcraft movie. I doubt I get to see it until it comes to PPV on Dish.

I nearly didn't watch Belmont, but I'm glad I did. I loved this.

In MoCreatures news, I finally made it past 0,0, but I had to search everywhere for my pet amulet so I could do it on my flying horse because I epic failed a /back command, and it turns out I'm glad that happened. It started getting super laggy around -1000, and my home command didn't even pretend to engage, so I typed it again. #facepalm Never type a home command twice if you want to /back later. Jawn froze on my end, so I just turned him off, but turns out the server caught the commands just fine, and after it ran the home command, it turned my home command into /back when I set it again. You also wind up /back where you just teleported from, so basically home and back became the same coordinates.

So anyway, I'm real bad to stash stuff all over creation because I think I own the world, so after nearly an hour of searching every conceivable chest I could think of ever making (many of which I had to run on foot to, or even swim to), it finally dawned on me that I probably left it at the 3rd village I had fixed up last week, so I had to home to a weird bunker on a barren mountain and then climb, swim, and run through all kinds of mobs just getting back to the village.

So an hour later, amulet finally triumphantly in hand, I took off. Aaaaand first time I landed I had waited a tad too long after sundown and was immediately beset on horseback by a silver skeleton (they carry 2 swords), a snake, a witch (totally got poisoned), a zombie, and god knows what else but I did see those for sure, and I knew I was on a countdown and had to get off my horse. So through a melee of attack, I dismounted, the horse got pushed right off the little island (that's the last time I land on a tiny island in the middle of the ocean), and next thing you know I'm in the water drowning and trying to swim close enough to my horse to get him back into the amulet... I did it!!!!! And the second I did, I died.

I forget how much Kai paid for that horse and saddle, I think over $4000, and it is top priority whenever I carry that amulet around, and why it wound up in a chest in a tiny lost village, so I wouldn't lose my cool flying horse in the event of sudden violent death, or even staggering stupid death. Anyway, I backed immediately not expecting to be able to get anything back, but I guess most of my stuff dropped (more like exploded) near enough to the shoreline that I wound up finding all of it either floating right at the edges of the island or scattered just a little deeper, and thank goodness the amulet was among them. I think the only thing I lost was my helmet.

That story was so you'll further appreciate the flyover pix I got after all that happened. I figured most of the cool construction would be closer to 0,0 (which is technically near world spawn point), and turns out it was pretty awesome to fly over, so I'm glad I wasn't on foot. Remember, this is in multiplayer where admins rotate and team people up for games and players build towns and once in awhile a youtuber will stream, and some of these streaming players are known around the world, so it's nothing to be jealous of to see this kind of stuff. This is just the tip of the iceberg, too, almost felt like everything in from -3000 on down was more metropolitan, even in the rugged areas. That's probably why no one ever bugs my stuff way out in the -8000s...

One note as we browse through- Am I the only one who lights up rooftops and upper surfaces so mobs won't spawn on them? Just a thought. I mean, I've had mobs just drop on my head off buildings, maybe other people don't figure that out.

This is cute, making houses out of giant mushrooms.


No idea if this is a games arenas area, but kind of looks like it.

I feel like there should be realty listings for tours or something.


A room truly up in the clouds. I'm laughing at all the work that went into the 'supports'. I've run across platforms just hanging in midair because supports aren't actually necessary once you hang one block in the air, the rest just stays up. The supports make it look more breathtaking, though, you get a better idea for the kind of height you're looking at.

Seriously? The chat just rolled up 'for sale'...

With a little more imagination, this could have totally turned into Uncle Owen's farm on Tatooine.

THAT is a wall...

Yeah, I walled off part of the desert for the heck of it... Where's Trump? Somebody build that man a WALL.

Ok, I got about 2 hours of sleep last night, and even though I've got more stuff to share, it's going to have to wait. I'm in the middle of making bacon and tiny pancakes now. Here, have a stroll through true obsession.

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