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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

minecraft physics, truisms, and observations

An ice spires biome from a distance looks like an alien city.
There is no conservation of energy and matter.

Gravity and liquids are counterintuitive.

Death only means you lose all your stuff if you're stupid.

The only limits to latitude and longitude are your RAM and processor.

Bedrock is your friend.

Lava only destroys you, your things, and unanchored blocks. It's otherwise pretty harmless. Well, unless you build a wood house in a forest right by lava.

Tunneling up under an ocean is one of the most thrilling and scary water rides I've ever been on.

You can potentially beat out all the cobblestone and wood you want forever with whatever is in your hand without bruising fruit, breaking torches or glass, or shredding paper, but your hatchets and axes will eventually ALL break even if they are special.

Gravel and sand break when their stacks fall on torches, but they stop lava. Gravel and sand are the bomb. Do not underestimate the uses for gravel and sand and the ease with which they're harvested and used.

Slime can fall to its death. Weird, but true.

Running on ice and trying to stop is almost impossible and really fun, unless you're about to be killed.
Things I want to see in MoCreatures-

A witch riding down on a stack of gravel I'm mining (gravel stacks fall straight down like elevators as you mine from the bottom) and scaring the crap out of me.

One of those wheelie robot block thingies sucking in other mobs and carrying them around. :later: I finally saw the sucking in thing happen, but nearly died for staring at it.

If the woods catch on fire in minecraft and no one is there to see it...
I think so many things in this game.
Lava Death- Do not pass safely, do not collect all the cool stuff you were carrying, including the 10 diamonds, 2 emeralds, 2 1/2 stacks of redstone, 28 gobs of lapis, a crap ton of coal and iron, and that cool wall of gold ore you harvested. Oh, forget the awesome nether chatin armor you were wearing, too. If you can't climb out of the lava before you croak, kiss it bye-bye. I know, I know, and your lunch, and all that glass you cooked up to bridge over the lava, and the sweet tools you leveled up. No, don't yell at your tech, don't cry, just walk away and go make a real life sandwich or something. And go to the bathroom, if you hold it any longer you'll pop.

Lest anyone think spending too much time on minecraft is a bad thing, there are still people logging into ecritters. This pet is from the second version and clicks out.

"You overestimate our interestingness"

I played the original version over ten years ago.

By the way, I am NOT pinkiepie on moc. I'm always YabloVH on anything minecraft. And let's get back to minecraft. I like this guy. That rooftop pattern is kind of what I'm wanting to do on a mesa.

In case a few people are still missing it, everyone who has a crafting closet full of stuff they've not yet quilted or painted or whatever your hobby is, you can do all that in minecraft without spending all that extra money on supplies, create something cool, get a nice screen grab, run over to photobucket and have it printed on a mug ~voila~ #coffee. Or tea, if you prefer.

Yeah, I just blew your mind...

Ok, I have an appointment today that I'm actually not dreading, yay! because particular blood tests came back great yesterday (you people still against centralized health care don't yet get how cool it is to be able to see your health history online, and don't worry, it's secure), which for someone my age with all my stuff and half my adult life with wonky test results is super cool. It means I'm managing my health well. And I'm doing it without meds. I'm being smart. I mentioned once that Scott's granny lived to 102 with diabetes, right? #lifegoal

Anyway, so I need to organize my super scattered little brain and get out the door again. I'm in one of my good moods, so let's do something crazy. Subtext. (You guys watch, I'm already running off doing stuff while I listen.)

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