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Friday, June 17, 2016


I'm so close to calling wimp on the rest of physical therapy. Two more weeks this month, and the last one is assessment, so since we've backed off on upper core strength again, maybe just stick with one more maintenance. That one spot in my neck wound up becoming key target and has turned more into muscle stripping now. "Rapid Muscle Stripping is the most aggressive and painful of the techniques discussed here, but may also be the most effective in extreme cases such as chronic pain conditions caused by incorrectly-healed or untreated past injury...The goal of muscle stripping is to actually reinjure the muscle tissue in order to allow for proper healing to occur." I can still tell it's working, but the healing is a bit longer. I've been trying to keep up my stretches and nerve glosses, but a little localized swelling has been making it harder. To be fair, this is the most mobile my neck has ever been since I was 19, and the pain isn't anywhere near what I've endured in the past, so I'm not complaining at all. Just finally calling wimp. I concede to big whiny baby this round. I can tell the therapists are feeling frustrated after all this time of marked improvements. My last therapist seemed a little disturbed when asked how I did after last session and I said I cried all the way home, something pretty rare with me when it's pain related. Personally, and I told her this, I don't think dealing with such a huge blood pressure med change is the ideal time to do deep tissue work. I've got little bouts of tiny muscle twitching all over and I'm still dealing with the fight or flight default response being reset. It doesn't exactly feel like depression or aspie overload, so I'm thinking this is actual physical response. My body just had enough that day.

LAST NIGHT. Ran into a good sync night, so I got to same-page some MoCreatures with Kai, and then we took off on our flying horses to search out a jungle biome. The only jungle biome I've dabbled in, and that only briefly, was on Kai's private realm, and that was ages ago, so this was like an all-new thing. We ran across several more villages along the way, plus this desert temple that had generated half in water. Sadly, someone got there before we did and pillaged it. I took the empty chests, though. I'm very pragmatic.

By the time I logged off, Kai had started a tree house in the jungle, so I'm wanting to go back now and see how it's looking so far.

Kinda revving up again at SyfyDesigns. I was wanting to do more of this work awhile back already, but I keep feeling knocked down. #setlock is on full blast right now, so that's got me pumped up again, live Sherlock filming at my fingertips. I've got bets on that HiddleSwift is a game the boys are betting each other on, seeing who can make front pages while Benedict is owning everything as the most retweeted, reblogged, reshared man in world history. Tom grabbed the headlines yesterday, now watch all Ben's buddies jump in one by one. Who's next?

What did you guys think of that last Houdini & Doyle? The Pall of LaPier I wasn't that terribly impressed when the series started, but watching Doyle literally play out his character solving his own personal cases for him in his head while he himself is wasted has been very intriguing, and the friendship with Houdini has been delightful. Here is a recap of this last ep if you don't know the show but might be interested. I'm not crazy about the author, but the overall recap isn't too shabby.

Ok, gonna be one of those days, I really need to stay off twitter today. Back to the jungle!

Wo, there's a Sherlock fanvid with a jungle song, lol. Kinda moody, but it's dark and rainy out, so there we go.

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