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Monday, June 27, 2016


One of those mornings.

Pork roast in crockpot- check

Bed stripped, in washer- check

Sack of outgrown Bunny clothes collected for hand off- check

All by 4 a.m.

I'm not the least energetic, just tranced. Aspienado is in full shutdown, floating around the house.

My head.

Oh yeah, body check.
  • fasting glucose- 90
  • blood pressure- 114/82
  • weight- lost 4 pounds in the last week
I could stop there but I need to make a Plan.

Time to money sync, calendar sync.

Final decision on the rest of the transfer.

Unsticky my house. (this will require multiple steps)
  • bathrooms
  • minecraft
  • dishes
  • nap
  • linens in the wash
  • space out on youtube
Stir gently and float through random 20 minute activity rotations.

Trancing is an excellent way to start recovery week. No pressure, no leaving the house for 3 days. Several years ago I just stayed in trance mode dealing, it was the only way to stay out of meltdowns and pain clinics. Doesn't always work, but for a year solid, electronica was the only stuff I could tolerate listening to.

Yes, of course there is Sherlock trance.

And if that's not your thing, have some symphony Sherlock.

And there is always acoustic.

Bit of role play with your classical acoustic?

Many years ago I had a guitar. I haven't been able to play because arms/hands, you guys know the drill. I accepted long ago I'll never be able to play again. My brother still does though. I can't get a player to embed, blogger is throwing fits with purevolume code. My fave is Nuthin I Can Do (But Blame it on You). Yes, that's all him, mix, etc. Southern fried rock blues, guys. If THAT doesn't fix your Monday, something is srsly wrong.

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