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Monday, June 20, 2016

I finally remembered how to spell ambiance

Evening. Bored and not feeling very well. Stayed off medias most of the day, but when I got back on it's other people bored and not feeling very well. That's understandable and I empathize, but I'm barely functioning and not good for anyone right now. Went back to minecraft. Found 2 jungle temples in a row. In a row, guys. Minecraft loves me and wants me to feel better.

That is the nice one, mostly still intact, even got the loot, which wasn't much. I lit it up for the sake of tourism and left it alone. I'm thinking about going back to the 2nd one to dismantle it. It was broken into without regard to preservation and looted beyond repair, plus it's half flooded. By beyond repair, I mean the powered trigger systems. I may as well just respectfully collect the mossy stones and what's left of the powdered redstone and the empty chests, because it's just someone's shameful leftover trashing on a multiplayer server.

I'm normally into July when my ears fill back up and I start feeling like I'm flying in a helicopter, and then Aug-Sept is a histamine bonanza. It's either starting early (like everything else so far this year) or I'm hosting a gala event for incoming raiders, because it hurts to swallow. I've switched to eating watermelon on minecraft so I won't irritate my throat. Ok, I'm kidding. The jungle I'm in has hundreds of watermelons hidden in the underbrush, easy food.

Lately I'm getting into platform ambiance. I ran across a few fairly spectacular ones high in the sky during some of the longer flying recons, so thought I'd try it. I'm not into the big building thing, but I love the feel of the height. This is sunrise at the edge of the jungle biome looking at the extreme hills, at cloud level.

This is exclusive rooftop dining, and the clouds really do move right through there. When they do, visibility is like thick fog and even disorienting and a little spooky.

Looking across the biomes meeting from the platform rooftop.

Looking out over the tree house. It is really nice in there, one day I'll get more pix or vid on that.

Back at the beach house, our first established building and now where we keep the store, I built straight up from the portal behind the house. First of all, yes, I have fallen and died several times, and yes, it gets your stomach every bit as bad as watching a roller coaster vid, and yes, one of these days I'll be fast enough to F5 while I'm recording to see if I actually splat before I disappear to respawn. In the meantime, here is day and night looking down.

This is my original tree farm right across the river. It's more like a campy vacation hut now, but the mining around there is fabulous.

The rest of the week is pretty busy, out the door 3 days in a row, finishing up the big billing transfer now that paypal is set up, planning out the rest of the summer finances after that, and I need to reassess my work plan. Sherlock filming is kinda wrapping up on the medias and lots of people are on vacations and all I want to do is sleep, but you know how that goes. I got my 6 hours last night so I'm not really complaining, lol.

I swear there must be a million Sherlock fanvids on youtube. I'll never see them all. I really like this one.

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