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Friday, June 17, 2016

my personal stance on the LGBT murders

I probably offended half my twitter followers this morning with what might have looked like a flippant buttinsky comment back to a very sincere discussion about how we draw lines around mental illness in regard to mass shootings, so I probably need to clear this up.

I got into a discussion yesterday with other people on a protected facebook post, a couple of friends have seen it so they know what I'm talking about. It was thankfully a very polite discussion, as opposed to some of the very hateful and heated ones I've seen about the very same thing in protected posts from other people I'm friended with.

I have no reason to hide what I think or believe. I'm not hurt if people unfollow or block me. I'm going to quote what I said in that protected discussion because it states exactly how I feel about this whole thing. The first was in response to someone saying that humans will find anything they can to divide, hate, and kill each other. The rest rolled on out as the discussion continued with several people.

Anthropologists call it "them vs us", a tribal identity thing that keeps social order within a group. You see this all the time in religion- we're not like -them-.

It's kind of an instinct if you look at the way animal groups behave, so we need to rethink 'group' to include all of 'us'. We need to become global citizens.

As long as people keep falling for the formulated hate, no. It takes time to retrain a whole world to see a bigger picture.

Like, don't hate the haters, right?

By the way, for your friends who don't know me, I come from 400 years of the most extremely conservative people in the world, and they think I'm wildly liberal thinking this way, lol. Give people time.

Also, it helps to be aware that govts & media work together to direct the energy flow between hate groups in order to pursue agendas. If we need a different policing system for world peace, they can't just force it on people, but if we feel desperate enough, we'll beg for it. Allow the possibility that some of what we see in media is manipulated to an ends.

lol, sorry, didn't mean to take over. I have a B.S. in sociology and minored in anthropology. I've met Richard Leakey, although it was brief. Transitioning an entire world into one peaceful govt is very difficult when whole nations employ belief systems against it, even if they actually want world peace, and most people do. People don't control their leaders, and even leaders aren't the controllers we think they are. Obama isn't a king and he doesn't have autonomous power. Even on Game of Thrones we see how politics and religions use each other. Realistically, the best we can do on our individual levels is keep helping other people get past hating the haters. It can't end until we just all stop.

Kinda laughing, 4 years back out on social media and I just wrote in a nutshell what I've been holding back all this time. I tend to go for distraction and hopefully not alienate anyone, but I really do want to see a 'star trek' type of society in our world future.

I realize I come very close here to advocating for World Order, which is an extremely touchy subject with many people I know. I'm in a unique position, coming from 400 years of Mennonite ancestry and arguing the pros of World Order. This is probably surprising, given how into Orwell and Lexx I am.

I'm also writing this under duress. I'm currently doing a monitored withdrawal off a blood pressure med that I've been on for 2 decades, and I seriously don't feel well just typing this stuff, on top of the other challenges I live with daily. I won't reiterate them because that's very boring for me and they're all over this blog anyway.

I understand all the sides- the mental illness debates, the religious debates, and how the twain can ever possibly meet without blowing up into political debates.

I'm just saying it's not going to stop until we personally decide to stop hating the haters on an individual level. There is no protocol in place for how we are supposed to think and feel. If we want the world to be a better place, it really does start within us. We don't need to be continually opinionizing ourselves into negative states of mind and health. Life happens, life sucks, and maybe it all boils down to someone just needs to instigate the kind of authoritative boundaries that say anyone who does this and this and this can no longer be allowed to live. Because, and follow me here, whether or not mental illness is involved in mass shootings, I personally don't think that kind of brokenness can be fixed. It's not kindness to anyone to allow debate to go on ad infinitum over whether someone can be rehabilitated against their own belief system whether it's entrenched with mental illness or not.

THAT is the conundrum.

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