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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

the finer philosophical points in a world of survivors

Now I get alerts for every single web beacon that doesn't get blocked. Thanx, Kaspersky. All this means is every time a browser rotates a news window through a slideshow, I get a notification that a web beacon was allowed to interact with my hard drive. Life was so much easier when we just didn't know.

Hello, incoming flux on to the tune of Chuck E. Cheese's birthday song. My readers don't know I've recently followed someone who claims to be an MK survivor. 'Nuff said. Moving on.

Here, have some cute blown out vein pix. I don't bruise easily and this very rarely happens, so it's been a little fascinating to me. I'll keep them small so they aren't too gross, but that might not stop mobile from pulling them up full screen. Close your eyes.

Yes, I know, I've seen worse, too. Hugs to everyone who gets poked a lot. I've been a pincushion for years, they can feel the scar tissue all over my arms when they're looking for good veins.

I'm pulling this here in case there are other Matrix super freaks like me. A twitter link rolled through claiming their write up was still 'trending', I followed to an old blog post with nearly no comments, so I jumped in and this was my response (ignore the 'awaiting', it got approved). I tend to be super yappy online on my quieter real life days and used to get tangled up in lengthy discussions over nothing just to be ornery, but I'm getting way better at keeping things brief or not commenting at all. If anyone reading this enjoys philosophical debate and would like to argue with me, there you go. But do it over there, not here.

Personally, I'm not fond of writers using other people's entertainment creations to push their own ideologies, but The Matrix makes it all fun.

Still dealing with flutters. It's been 3 weeks since I started tapering atenolol. All the weird stuff, purportedly (from patients in forums), lasts 2-3 weeks. They're not bad and don't last long, usually settle real quick into mild SVT and in a few minutes everything is fine again. I really should have stopped coffee this month, can tell it's not helping...

I'm still working on my 'unsticky' list from yesterday.

Youtube is recommending vids from an account named definitely -evil. I'll leave you guys to it. I've gotta go walk around some more with this headache, maybe work on my list some more.

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