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Monday, June 13, 2016

tree flirting

Has anyone ever thought maybe hand-me-down clothes might haunt a dresser? Just wondering because I went through Bunny's drawer sifting out the really junky junk that I don't like along with the stuff she's outgrown, and pretty quick old lappy's plug-in unit slipped off behind the dresser and as I was bending down to reach the cord, the fan I had blowing on old lappy to keep it from meltdown fell right on my head, and I was like THAT'S IT, BLOW THIS and just turned it all off and stuffed the drawer back shut and left the room.

Meanwhile, a lurker in a deep dark hole clutching an effigy quietly bwahahahas.

I take the universe very personally. I talk to it. When it throws things at me I yell at it. I think it likes to see me yell sometimes, especially when I'm having a fantastic day for a change. I think it's against the law for me to have a fantastic day, but I try to break the law every chance I get.

I take minecraft personally, too. People talk about AI like it's real, and some people believe we can affect stuff with our thoughts, but have you guys really tested this? Because I have proof on video that weird things happen around my character in MoCreatures. Well, I'm sure it's a glitch in the programming, but I'm sticking to proof. Remember, I was once killed by an ent, just picked me up in the air and kept flinging me really hard onto the ground till I died, so I automatically turn on my recorder now every time I'm around an ent in case it happens again because I wanna see how that looks on video from a different F5 perspective. ~I'm ready~. So this is me and an ent keeping an eye on each other. After I stopped the recording, the server restarted, and when I got back on, every bit of this was gone and the ent acted like it never happened, so I'm glad I caught it on a recording. In my little world in my little head, that horny ent got excited that I was around and was showing off. It got weird.

So in the whole observation affects reality big scheme of things, maybe taking my 'presence' in a virtual reality a little too seriously is messing with the game. My character is consistently glitchy, just like I am in real life. If real life is what we think it is...

I might possibly have a date today. I get once a month online speed dating. I'm good with this. Lives are hectic, yo. No one knows that better than me. I'm kinda loling because I'm such a loner recluse that Kai has no idea we're always together anyway, in my head. You don't just snap out of 8 years of talking to a person without them actually being there. Kai really doesn't have a clue...

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