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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

my Jason Sadler crush

Wed. 1:30 p.m.

I take my jolly tone back, the herx hit in the middle of running errands and I've barely been able to move my hands since the middle of Walmart. Driving 10 miles home and carrying the groceries in was a piece of pain cake. Oh, nothing, just a Clydesdale ran over my hands on a Leonhardt Gunbus 410.

You know what? I'll totally take hand pain. That so beats spine pain. At any rate, the best way to plow through hand herx (and I'm not even talking carpal tunnel, this is way beyond CT) is to grab some afternoon coffee, plow through the internet for distraction, and then crawl off to bed with the headphones on. Maybe I'll find something sorta soothing to float away on.

4:30 p.m.

+_+ Stumbling out of bed. Ah, yes, the fever. They kept asking me if I'd had a fever. Well, now I do.

                            photo t2741234.gif

Extra membranes on my eyeballs. They didn't tell me I'd be mutating into a lizard. I feel like I'm lurching about in a sort of stop and go way like a bearded dragon getting supper on. And I know exactly how those look, we had them in the house for several years. Here you go, a picture I don't think I've ever shared in public before. (I could be wrong, my stuff is so scattered now.) Twink and her lizards. At least 3 Christmases were filled with the festive sound of nonstop cricket chirping. It wasn't uncommon to demand my crusted scissors back after she borrowed them to cut baby mice in half for them.

Ran into this one, too, 2006ish, I think.

 photo fall017.jpg

My photobucket is at least 10 years old. When they used to do real analytics (they were awesome) I had thousands of views every month just from blogs. They stopped counting awhile back, except for public albums. Linking from private albums no longer counts. There was a time way back when I had over 10,000 pix until I got stupid and dumped a few albums.

7 p.m.

This is the going back to bed part. +_+ I have absolutely no ambition except to crank about no one making Jason Sadler tribute fanvids. Oh, and my hands are back online, yay.

So I ran into this. (Random Jason suggestion.) Imagine this convo from an aspienado viewpoint, the in-between that can all-encompass both sides of the fence... The key to what I'm saying is that autism is the born-with hard drive that mimics the extreme software glitches of developmental mental illnesses. I believe autism studies will help the entire psychological health field find ways to better communicate alt POVs.

But back to Jason Sadler. Ian Tracey has the double bad luck of both his name and character's name from Continuum being extremely hogged by other real life famous people with those names, and he totally gets drowned out in searches. If a rabid Jason fan would put together a composite of all the Jason scenes on youtube we'd probably see an interesting piece of origami, if I may twist up a time fold pun on a Kagame reference. Alec's step-brother Julian created Kagame, but Alec literally physically created Jason, his son, Kagame and Jason are like the yin-yang of causal loop secrets. I can't help feeling Jason has so much depth waiting to be explored. He knows way too much, and even though he's a mental mess, he's super brilliant and emotionally uber loyal- to what? Alex said in the next to the next to the last episode that it doesn't matter to him now if Jason is never born. Thanks to the convolution of time loops, alt loops, and even forced loop merges, Jason still exists in the timeline we're watching, but if you really look at the physics, this might not be Jason's first go round. In fact, there was speculation two seasons ago by a superfan/reviewer that I lost track of that Jason may have reset the loop himself several times because things kept going wrong. At any rate, there are five timelines that we know of since Kiera's perspective started (the superfan speculated 13 loops, I think). If Jason was sent back by Alec himself, was Alec ultimately sacrificing his own son to change the past and recreate a different future? (And why are we not exploring this???) It's really bugging me that Jason is blown off so much when he's been so vital to several developments.

I also really want to know more about that art print on the wall.

I guess that kept me from caving back to bed so early.

:edit: 10-15-15 More Jason thoughts.

click to watch Continuum on Syfy
Click the following snip for source. Ask yourself if this is why Jason is 'addled' and also remember what I said about the son being the sacrifice while also being the failsafe the whole plan pivots on.

I agree with Charlie Jane Anders on io9  that

Yes, Kiera is the glitch, but what is Jason? The Freelancers keep missing the whole Jason going back thing. Well, except that we get a hint that they might've captured and kept him locked up for awhile. (See what I mean, even more untold story of why and how he got away.)

Several sites have set up timelines, here is one of them. In case you feel lost, here is a simplistic rundown of the storyline. If you really wanna dig into whether old Alec knew exactly what he was doing and what Jason was supposed to do, here's an awesomely cool convo, most of which I thnk is still viable, given all the stuff that has never really been explained, and I'd seriously like to know more of exactly what is in Jason's head through all that.

What is Jason's job, exactly? Were Jason's original instructions changed as future loops changed? Is Jason supposed to retain timeline integrity or help microfissure it in key places? He seems to be obsessive in all the wrong places, pivotal in all the right moments, and clearly missed by everyone as a crucial key. Is Jason afraid of changing something? Or is he targeting only specific things? Because for someone who seems so reluctant to share information, he certainly changes trajectories whenever he gets involved. What is Jason's role? I'm not the only one asking this. Another recapper also asked some big questions about Jason.

Part of the Continuum conundrum for the audience is that there are so many perspectives going on that they really do need another 5 years just to follow all the think bait they keep throwing out there, but they're about to abruptly end the whole story next week. I still say it needs to be told from Jason's point of view. From the same reviewer I just linked- "Somewhere else in the city Jason and Alec have a heart to heart on which implications I’m not too clear about. Yes, Alec basically admits that he is an insecure boy trying to win his (dead) dad’s approval but what all that means for the relationship between Alec and Jason is not really clear at this point." So tempting to throw my own psyche eval out there. Maybe one day I will, but I want to purchase the series first and hardcore marathon it making notes before I do, and IF I go to all that trouble, it'll get its own review write up.

I'm still not finding that original piece I scored on Jason last year or so from the superfan, and I apparently didn't make a note of it. If I bookmarked it, it's pretty buried. I need to stop obsessing and GET BACK TO WORK.

Hardcore Ian/Jason fans can fight over this autograph card on ebay, just click the snip.

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