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Thursday, October 15, 2015

ben spam- a present

You guys know I set up a Benedict list feed, right? No, you didn't because it was set on private.

Well, there you go, in case you need some Ben spam. You're welcome. If you're having a funky punk day and stuck in some kind of stupid rut and no one cares, I have a ton of vids scattered throughout these tagged posts. Kinda like me handing you Ben coffee right through the monitor. It's all good. Whatever your suckage is today, there will be other better days. I know, because I'm the queen of suckage. I'd say I'm the Suck Mom of the internet, but that would come off disastrously porny and filthy. Anyway, Ben. Go assuage your soul.

#Shezzaday, Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch, #bencongruity, Khanlock, Khan, Johnlock.

I just ran into a Janika Pink on Facebook. O_O No, iz not me. I have never been to Estonia.

I reeeeeaaaallly need to get the live tweet review done now. Need a work jam... I mostly just listen to the playlists I make while I work. I've got 19 playlists, but I think you guys can only see 7 of them. Here is my longest Sherlock playlist. It's ever-changing because some of the vids are being shut down here and there, just found another one. I like most of them, some are kind of just ok, but most of them are pretty brilliant creations. I personally hafta click out to youtube because playing vids with the leaves falling all around on Pinky blog, while so cool, actually melts my laptop. Too many drivers, not enough AC, traffic jams ensue. Anyway, GET TO WORK!  FOCUS!!! >=l

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