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Saturday, October 17, 2015

stuffing a blanket up my nose

*bouncing back from Z-Pak sinus napalm*

It's amazing how blissfully ignorant I can be going through stuff until I rebound off a wall and lay around half a day wondering what hit me.

Everything inside my head feels like the words 'torched', 'nuked', 'scorched', 'flamed', 'seared', and I'd probably better stop that before some of them try rearranging themselves into some kind of weird poetry.

click for a blogger who goes into way more detail
it's actually pretty funny
I went through a 15 mL bottle of eye drops in 48 hours flat, but it's cool because my eye doctor gave me some $4 off coupons for more Refresh 'Tears' when I got new glasses last summer. I found a link for you guys to print coupons, too. You're welcome.

I can't say this is the worst sinus infection I've ever had, but it usually doesn't take 4 days before I can actually feel the inside of my head again. And it feels like it's in shock. It's asking for a blanket.

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