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Friday, October 23, 2015

ok, this one is an actual touch base

When stuff like this happens in my notifications.

links to #teamspooge convo headed for #ironchefspooge production
I bet all you people who create bot algorithms think you're hot stuff. So many of the robot accounts gather and retweet, the slyer ones think they look more like real people helming the controls when they leave fav trails through activity feeds.

Can you imagine running into another world out there with real intelligence spewing out all over the place? We'd be in this giddy news heaven repeating all the stuff we interpret from their communications going on, and eventually we'd grind down to an emotionally deflated drag through what turns out to be nothing but millions of bots regurgitating each other in feeds (which we in turn regurgitate...). I'm sure that's what most of our stuff would look like to aliens. What would be funny is realizing that there was nobody left under all that endless yap. Everyone croaked off, the bots continued their feeding frenzy. Get it? Feeding frenzy. Timeline feeds. Nevermind...

You can click this pic back to the funny convo
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like finding it in search like I did
Right click that one and it's huge
You're welcome
I keep running into blogs about how to blog, how to start writing if you go into a torpor and don't know what to write, how the catatonia of writer's block is actually cathartic, how a running stream of content is preferable to stagnation, and all I can say is, all you guys are doing it wrong.

If you are miserable trying to set up a blog or miserable trying to actually blog or miserable and leaving a trail of abandoned blogs or miserably frustrated and deleting blogs, peut-ĂȘtre pas le blogging est votre forme d'expression, si? If you are feeling relieved a goal was reached so you can take a break (especially if you are paid for the content or otherwise grinding through forced content to push monetization efforts), peut-ĂȘtre que vous avez choisi de ne pas faire ce que vous aimez.

I'm under huge loads of stress this week, and it's all I can do to tear myself away from my blog right now. I want to write so bad. I have so much stuff. I have to keep parseling my time out over parsing my thoughts.

But I've gotta pull myself together! This is a big month with big stuff going on and I need to keep moving and doing and staying ready. By the way, I finally lost a pound. Remember those two pounds that showed up during the 14 hour Bunny day? I think I've finally convinced my good fellow cellular citizens that we don't need to pull that kind of a panic and keep such a tight inventory over calorie clinging. Chillax and let it go, froody little dudes.

God bless fans, for ye maketh my dayeth bettereth.

This is me giving a few more minutes to chillaxin before I bound off into the world of laundry and cooking and floors and dentist and another Bunny day and all those new pre-deep tissue reconditioning nerve flossing exercises I've started. That's right, we've arrived to nervous system assessment and retraining, which means relearning how to move everything in my body, since I'm such an aggressive strength trainer that I'm pushing nerve fail. Iz a delicate balance, and an indicator that I may be on another fence regarding reassessment between severe fibro vs mild MS, or even both. Nothing scary after all the stuff I've been through so far, more like exciting to reach a respectable let's rethink this diagnostic approach level.

Big weekend! My birthday! #napclub lol Did I mention I finally broke out the blu-ray set?

p.s. I promise I'll be back on the twitters soon, gimme a couple more days, ok? Love you guys.

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