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Monday, October 5, 2015


Still feeling pretty sick about that Toshiba flash drive fail.

I waited a few days to make sure my head was really clear, lots of deep breaths, did a full out test folder doing both 'copy to' and 'move to' and epic fail both times. They were there before I unplugged, the new folders vanished plugging back in to check. Repeat identical test with ScanDisk, works perfectly, no problemos.

So now I'm looking for the receipt, which I had in a great spot before we had a Bunny sleepover, and I'm all oh yeah #mobileoffice. I have every receipt in the world but that one.

I am SO GLAD that wasn't a file fail with actual manuscript material. This is why I'm #amwriting everything in triplicate, with copies on a private blog, the cloud, and a disk.

I. am. so. tired.

I'd like to whine some more (especially since I've been awake since 1 a.m.), but the clock is ticking and I've gotta get some pouncy attack mode worked up and get outa here. If my doctor says my blood pressure is up, I'm going with Yeah, I'm super pissed about a flash drive fail...

Me and that Toshiba memory stick irl.

Those of you who can't seem to follow the whole me having relationship probs with inanimate objects that I'm anthropomorphizing, just don't even. Not today. I'll be nice later after my flu shot and a new flash drive.

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