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Friday, October 9, 2015

my robust blogconomy- Pinky for Prez, free tacos for everyone!

Yeah, some of you are yelling 'wrong flag, u moron' and I'm all like, 'Prez of the World, u noob'.

I guess grabbing the Pinky dotcom was a good move, my SEO score is 67%.

It's already passed Lexxperience, which had a long history before I snapped it up last year.

Still, my Janika dotcom sits there idle and has an even better ranking, but that's probably because it's more than just a pointer like the other two.

Same with EA. I think attaching wordpress to the domain is what spikes it. Imagine if I hooked the first two in with my blogger/google sites instead of just pointing.

Pinky at blogspot (not the domain) got this global ranking with alexa. "Alexa Traffic Rank- A rough estimate of this site's popularity. The rank is calculated using a combination of average daily visitors to this site and pageviews on this site over the past 3 months. The site with the highest combination of visitors and pageviews is ranked #1."

What does this mean? Well, looks to me like 'not too shabby for a personal blog', considering how many websites there are in the world. But I'm sure Pinky sitting on a blogger host helps, plus it's registered with google analytics.

Why in the world am I saying all this? Well, I ran into this as I was tossing out junk email today. I guess twtrland sold to klear and I still have the account I claimed last year.

Kinda like conferize and traity. And klout. I've lost track of how many auto-analytic accounts I've claimed. The junk emails just keep piling up. They're all just a bunch of get rich quick web schemes, kinda like hipster coffee shops hope to get sucked up into national franchises. I think my fave is TweepsMap.

I've talked in the past about ranking and keywords and whatevs, it's mostly just a lot of fun seeing what comes up out there with my name on it, like GWT and fun with analytics. All the same, there can be sweet surprises, like the emotional value of virtual worth- report card time and even finding out you're a chicken video goddess somewhere- the crazy secret lives of hijacking chicken vid codes.

By the way, I told @Jackalish he could write up my wikipedia page, so if one ever does actually show up and looks wildly skewed toward my omniscient awesomeness, that's him, not me. I'm a little biased, Jack and I are hooked up on LinkedIn and he's featured in a Lexx post.

Y'all know I would bore you silly with stats. 

I know, I've been super blogging lately, what's up with that? Well, sickie-ish week, staying focused, keeping the ol' phalanges limber for The Walking Dead premiere in a couple of days and my TWD Live Tweet Review after that. Not exactly putting other stuff on hold, more like keeping up my balancing on a tightrope thing while I switch out a couple of juggling toys, you know, toss off a chainsaw, catch a couple more eggs kind of thing. A writer writes, always.

By the way, I think Holly's birthday present nearly flew right out of the country and into the ocean, wrong Springfield. It's gonna be late. I blame what's inside the box.

Zippy theme song time. GET TO WORK! FOCUS!!! >=l

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