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Friday, October 23, 2015

#TeamWells #FlashbackFriday

You saw that too???

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Yeah, y'all got excited when you saw the previews this week just like I did, and now you're totally hitting my Flash rant.

We're excited.

I can't tell you how hard it is stop myself from making a special blog centralizing all my movie and TV rants into one streamlined neverending crabfest. I've started a Mantrid post, so I need to stick to that. FOCUS!

The app referrals are kinda funny, but how in the world is google news referring me now? Srsly, 3 referral hits from google news. (I imagine a blog reader list comes up on a personalized G-news page, perhaps.) I'm not a google news reader, so I'm having a little fun comparing how that comes up differently between my phone and my laptop. I mean, Johnny Depp's illegal dog smuggling is cracking me up, the Daryl Dixon riot is concerning me a little, but my eyebrows are more furrowed that my phone showed me Sherlock going to China and my laptop didn't. By the way, Ben's nickname over there is Curly Fu (lol, sounds kinda like Curly Sue), and Martin's is Peanut. How cute is that?

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11 of my last 14 keyword referrals ranked between first and fourth place on google, very cool, free tacos for regular readers. I'm still trying to figure out how I get direct referrals from the google play store (I love a good puzzle), and accidentally ran into this bit tweet html strung out in all its glory. I feel so naked, like I got caught in a tryst or something. By the way, don't pursue those, lappy froze up over malware alerts going crazy and I had to reboot just now. Live blogging, skidding around the dark alleys of the interwebs.

Sorry about going scarce on the twitters and stuff, still keeping myself available and my phone free through the weekend, but very much hope to get a sort of all clear by the TWD live tweet.

I may as well put the coffee on and get my day started. Hope you guys are having a good Friday/Saturday.

I still wanna grab the writers and shake 'em. This pause and rant stuff makes my DVR the most valuable appliance in my whole house. When my own thing I'm working on goes to film (oh good lord, that'll take another decade at the rate I'm going), I will shred noobs who rewrite classic physics into glib cliches spouting from the wrong characters' mouths in the assumption that the viewers 1- are stupider than the writers, and 2- need a quick science lesson every single time Star Labs intros a new idea. I mean, Dr. Stein drawing circles on glass and labeling them E1 through E6 as a graphic assist to explaining parallel/alt worlds was as kindergarten as it gets, and I need to stop right now before I spend another hour on why I pause and rant over The Flash more than any other show. It has nothing to do with science fiction or comic universe and everything to do with presentation. It's ok to break the laws of physics and smash worlds together, what isn't ok is telling us to assume these characters are brilliant and then dropping the ball portraying them as simpletons. (There's a reason Planet Sheen got canceled, it was missing Jimmy...)

I dream of fixing Thawne probs.

Speaking of dreams, tonight's was about working in a warehouse-sized department store that was visited by Obama and his whole family, which somehow included a chain smoking Latino mother-in-law and a bunch of bratty little kids. That's twice Obama has showed up in my dreams this year. Guys, I don't dream about presidents. I don't watch politics, I despise magazine-style news presentations (even parodies), and I have no opinions any more because I just. don't. care. So if I were to interpret this one, I'd say keep your eye on the chain smoking mother-in-law, whatever that's supposed to mean. Pretty sure it had nothing to do with Michelle.

You and I both know this trumps all right now.

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