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Friday, October 9, 2015

death by tray #Pinkyween

I have been waaaaay too serial lately, need to get back into fun stuffs.

Puttin some pinkytude on.

Time to get the Halloween tree up.

You know, I srsly did not know Halloween trees are a thing. This one is my favorite.

Not creepy at all....

I can barely tear myself away from Halloween trees, so many super awesome ones out there. Christmas trees are ruined for me now. Quick, what else can I look at? Ok, besides Halloween tablescaping, I got lost in there, too. Um O_O no... Don't stumble into pink Halloween baby shower. Just don't. Ok, lol, here you go, scary cat wallpapers. This one looks kinda like a weird ghost cat.

Wo, pink gothic wedding dresses. Peeled myself outa there 3 times. I think this chick's hair is perfect, she needs one of those pink goth gowns on. She's from a French page. You're welcome.

Nooo, this is bad...

Sorry, went way off the beaten path.

There's stuff out there for Jeff Vader, by the way, in case you didn't know.

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