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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Bunnyween punkin painting and stuffs

Ok, I know I must still be getting better because I survived a 14 hour Bunny day yesterday and I seem to be fully functional this morning. I'm not even very stiff. Still gonna take it easy because TWD live tweet tonight, woot!

She's the boss. The spray bottle is vinegar and water, in case someone worries about her touching it. And yes, this may be the second pair of pants that is on inside out and backward. I lost count of how many times we had to dress and undress dollies.

Taking a break from helping mama go through baby stuff for a yard sale. She's 30 pounds now.

Unlike her cousin, Bunny seems a bit squeamish about getting slimy. We get pix all the time of Batman body painting or rolling around in paint, he looooooves paint. Bunny... not so much, unless she's in her bathtub at home with those cool water markers.

I think she thinks we're a little crazy, but to be fair, this is the same kid that smeared cheese stick all over a window.

I just discovered I can add a google analytics tracking ID to my youtube account. While I was there I noted that Pinky blog's bounce rate is still holding well at 28%. Thanx, guys.
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She got even for the weirdness when she pushed a stool up to a counter and swiped one of Papa's gluten-free cupcakes. I told on her.

We caught this right at dusk, I'm surprised I was able to get it at all on zoom through a window.

After that it was pockorn and the Boov with Papa. We saw it twice yesterday, it's that good, plus Jim Parsons was super awesome doing the main character's voice. (He grew up in Houston #BAZINGA)

Meanwhile, Batman is psyching up for Halloween himself.

But I heard he was a really good kid while mama was down with a tummy bug. I feel for the mama and the not the mama. Been a long week over there.

Watch this. Srsly.

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