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Monday, October 12, 2015

same old thing

As someone with a cognitive diagnosis (Aspergers), I have been psychologically evaluated and documented as being easily ledI'm a sucker. I fall for the whole friend thing. I have a hard time filtering through subtext and whether someone is pulling my leg or using me and whether I'm really the bad guy if I'm the one who finally says Ok, it's time to stop this... You would think with as much internet experience as I've got I would have caught on to all this by now, but I'm still swimming through an ocean of social deficit.

I realize other people have their own stuff, too, but my point is that this silly idiotic dragging me into head drama stuff is so, what word am I looking for... redundant. Whining to someone in private isn't a skill set in the problem-solving arena if you're not willing to do what it takes to actually solve the problem. And telling me over and over and over only makes me want to poke your eyes out.

Guys, I'm not kidding. You could be someone I love dearly and I'll still snarl at you and rake your back up tillyou'rebloody. The reason I try very hard not to do that is because it's been done to me and I know what it feels like. The other reason I try very hard not to do that is because that isn't the kind of public person I want to be. I loathe having to deal with this kind of stuff, which I'm sure many of my hardcore lurkers totally get, because they understand the issues I already deal with. And if I won't go that far out of my way for my own family, why should I for someone I've never met.

Anyway, I'm so done with the love triangles. And the confessions. The angsting and weeping. The pouting and moar pouting. The innocent defenses and angry retorts. The lack of anything better to do than pokepokepoke people.

Especially when someone has no regard for what's going on in real life. Like the world's biggest live tweet that we only waited months for.

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