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Friday, October 2, 2015

Pinky ghosting your day

I guess there really is a pink ghost. Just thought I'd check. That clicks to more on her.

I've noticed for several years in film that if they want something to pop in a scene, it's usually pink, because pink is rarely part of the set or costuming otherwise. This next one is the librarian in Ghostbusters.

And of course they had their pink psychomagnotheric mood slime. I know this isn't a ghost, but it's from Ghostbusters, so it's technically ghosty.

This is a Messerschmitt, like Cousin Itt had (get it? they found a car that matched his name). I seem to be wandering further away from pink ghosts.

This goes to a whole bunch of Pacman costumes, had fun checking it out.

Not sure if this is just wrong or really cool spooky ghost Vadar feels.

Broadly redefining 'ghost', but Pinky approves!

Imagine hanging out in this and moving sideways toward someone. I know, lame, but fun, right?

So far the most disturbing thing I've run into is a suburbanite in heels dressed as a pink crayon. And people think I'm disturbing. Moving on.

Technically not a pink ghost but iz Space Ghost! I love Space Ghost. I had to watch all the shows.

Ah, yes. Need. This one clicks to a whole page of cool ghost stuff to choose from.

And now your life is complete. You're welcome.

TGIF, guys. We can do this.

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