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Saturday, October 10, 2015

euphorically bending time and space to my will

The smugglers rescued Holly's wayward present and got it to me yesterday (from Springfield to Springfield)

and once I had it I released the immigrants for some fresh air and light stretching. They were not pleased when I shoved them into fresh repack and through a stargate. I was not pleased when the gate tech dialed the wrong zip code.

So I'm keeping my eye on the probe sending telemetry back through the tracking system. They guaranteed 3 p.m. arrival. We'll see what happens. It hit me I might be breaking spacetime laws and if Holly gets caught in the flux, she might wind up in a cellular rewind and turn 29 again. Or 15. I have no idea how much that will freak Layla out, who I believe, incidentally, is a covert operative who frequently disappears on missions herself, so I might be crossing the wrong streams and creating havoc.

I couldn't help feeling yesterday that this isn't the greatest portent for my holiday slide going wildly out of control. It's typical that I start losing control in October, but this feels more like slamming around the log flume at Silver Dollar City than my time clock glitching out while the world blurs by. Maybe I'm just more aware of it this year, which would be a good thing, I would think.

We're getting Bunny in about an hour, so the rest of my day is allowed to go as chaotically off track as it wants, as long as the coffee and bacon work out.

I cannot get this song out of my head. It's been showing up periodically ever since that weird brazenly stupid day last month. I think I've about got the euphoria tied down to what triggers it, kinda funny actually. Anyway, I've gotta get the parts of my brain that still actually work ready for hours of busy Bunny day.


  1. 🙆🏻 thank you Jan! I thought at first it was a fictional story, was happy to be a character in it --- now I see the time loop actually happened!! Omy... 3pm today... ❤️❤️❤️❤️