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Saturday, October 24, 2015

really super boring stat compromise stuff

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Friday @ 4 p.m.-ish

I think I've figured out the google play store app referral thing. I was able to get into the app referral elements and see a 'client' that goes to a completely empty blank page, my pinterest button in my browser being used as a router of sorts, and my GWT blogger ID hijacked almost in the same code line. So I went to statcounter, the interface with GWT there is screwed, and it looks like statcounter just chopped GWT off all my projects as a failsafe. I can't even get into the config pages right now to set it back up. I have no idea if that'll stop the referrals.

For someone trying to control for real people hits instead of bots, this is something I want to get on top of. I mean, it's not like I'm spiking off the chart or anything, so far it's less than 40, which is actually way under what the Brazil thing did to my other dotcom. Wonder if the hits that skidded in got a surprise, they're coming in from an age rated app in another country, so maybe they're expecting Pinky porn or something.

I was also able to get into some cache code from the app referral elements that blogger allows me to open up from 'traffic sources', and there is like a jillion lines of pure gobbledygook, it's not even number lined or oriented into code 'sentences', just everything all run on. I went back to the app in the google play store and discovered the FAQ page is empty. I got several screen snips of the referral elements, if I wind up having any problems I'll be able to give all kinds of info to 'complain to google'. I think what I'm seeing is a hijacker app that loves Pinky blog because it's so link and graphic heavy. (I'm sure the word 'pinky' doesn't help...) I doubt this was personal. It's like how I complain about bots running everything, right?

So I went to my GWT console, and sure enough, crawl stats totally spiked over the last 24 hours, so I just removed the statcounter ID user for now. So far nothing terrible- "Currently, we haven't detected any security issues with your site's content. If you want to learn more about security issues and how they could affect your site, review our resources for hacked sites. However, if you see a malware warning in the browser when navigating to your site, it's likely that your site is referencing code or content from another domain that has malware. Read up on cross-site malware and learn how to address it." I've mentioned crashing a hard drive a few years ago pulling an illegal music download off a super buggy fan site, so I think it's nice to be able to get a doctor report on my blog like that. I occasionally run into serious malware warnings popping up that freeze my screen and I immediately just kill lappy and reboot. If my own blog ever does that, there will be serious excavation going on around here.

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Along this journey I discovered Itzel Pinky Guerrero on soundcloud and actually really like it. No, that person isn't the app problem, that's why I'm sharing. I'm not the biggest rap fan, but I liked that pretty good, had the playlist going while I checked all this other stuff out.


A few hours have passed, I can't pull up statcounter at all and I see people on twitter complaining that it's down, so I imagine they're scrubbing the code squeaky clean again.

Saturday @ 3:15 a.m.

So... Google turned it off on their end first? I have no idea what's even going on at this point, but the play store app thing seems to have stopped since last night. On top of this, Brazil has showed back up on my other dotcom, and I can now correlate the old buttons-for-website question thing to them. I just went through the whole GWT console deleting statcounter user IDs. Also, thanx to GWT, I can see that on the 19th, 4 different much older posts on Pinky blog were index-compromised because of a pinterest widget resource block, and I'm assuming that's why I saw pinterest in that elements code for the app referral link. I was wondering why those particular posts were showing back up in stats out of the blue. 

There is another resource block from a really old widget I put in the first day affecting indexing on 58 other posts, but has nothing to do with the play store app and doesn't seem to be causing any problems. I think GWT is fussing that it can't get the data back from you guys clicking on it or something during visits over time. It's a really old widget that I've used for years, long before google was anything more than a search engine. so it stays.

Hang on, I need a second cup of coffee.

You guys know this mess was the best birthday present ever, right? #aspienado

Now that I've got my little stats mess figured out, I'm going to move on to continued dabbling on the Mantrid post and continued projects around my house while I keep my phone open. I do sincerely apologize for the severe lack of twitter all week, I really mean it, and I also sincerely thank you guys for not DMing me with support or asking what's up. By now you know I'll tell you stuff, it's just not appropriate yet and you'll get way more and better info later if I don't get scattered wearing myself out repeating the same thing over to one person at a time (super aspie's so aspie). I've made this decision out of respect more than anything, so hang on, we'll get there. I'm not sure yet if today will be a long one, and I want to stay ready for backup assistance. You guys know I don't do private updates for friends-only on facebook or anything, everything is all public, and I'm balancing a need-to-know thing.

Oddly, I don't feel in a frivolous mood today, but a respectful one. Some days are meant for being conscientious of other people's stuff. All my hopes are for a good day, a good weekend, and a good rest of the month in my family, and keeping in mind that it isn't always about me.

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