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Thursday, October 1, 2015

this is Pinkyween

So, yeah, all over the map today.

@bonenado took these pix last weekend, I thought they were pretty cool. I have no idea what kind of mushrooms these are.

These are Indian pipes, also known as ghost flowers.

You guys don't see me cleaning my house some more. cleancleanclean

I've seen a lot of spam in my life, the stupidest being 800 xanax spams in one day (if I never turned my spam filters on y'all would think I was the bomb with a million views already), the funniest being an exterminator getting rid of skunks, but apparently a real person (notaspambot) just hit Pinky blog up with marble exports. I'm impressed. I'm going to keep it.

Bunny doesn't know somebody came over and played with her toys yesterday. I think he's telling his gramma he needs a cool bike like this for Christmas.

The week started off with zombie fog every morning, but this morning is the kind of slanty sunrise that looks autumnier and the crows are moving through. I'll tell you what sucks. I've been noticing the last couple of times I've had something with pumpkin in it that my mouth got weird enough to need some benadryl, and now I'm finding out pumpkin is cross-reactive for latex. >=l Will this never end? "There is strong evidence of the cross-reaction between latex and foods that naturally contain high amounts of chitinase enzymes. If you have a latex allergy, you may very likely be allergic to these foods as well." Ug. So now I'm allergic to Halloween. #facepalm

I was joking on facebook a few days ago that someone discovered my evil villain world domination plans. They're not really mine, but I do operate this way. This pic clicks back to where it came from, no idea if that is original original source or not.

Have you ever thought about what good looks like to evil? It looks even more evil than evil does. Have you ever thought about what extremes good might have to go through to defeat evil? It might have to be more evil than evil is. Think about it- baiting evil. So the good guy is an even bigger evil villain than the evil villain. All my life I've dreamed of winning the evil villain game. What might we deduce about Pinky Robot's heart? Can you imagine the people I love staying back watching me do this? Imagine what I could possibly say once I've stepped out beyond this blog.

To know evil better than it knows itself...

I'm reeeeeealllly enjoying seeing my therapist again. Maybe it a little too much. Pinky blog broke me open and I'm. so. going. there.

Here's a clue for you. My friend from the last post lived on N. Watson Ave. I wrote her address hundreds of times over several years exchanging correspondence after I moved away, imagine that being emblazoned on my brain.

Supper's in the crockpot, I'm about to get all over steam cleaning my floor, and at least I've not yet come up allergic to chocolate. #stopjinxingmyself Thank goodness the world goes on with Bunny and Batman.

Vehemently refused the pirate outfit, but this seems a go.

An instinct for Jefferies tubes, good.

In case you need something to go do, here is a site full of Halloween games. You're welcome.

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