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Sunday, October 18, 2015

I LOVE FANS- or, questionable dude movies and Alejandro fainting

Got a nod from Jessica Gottlieb during the night.

Oh, nothing, just the coolest social media maven on the planet. *faint* (You know the colored words are usually links, right?)

click for the full collection of cool
Alejandro Sabella faint and fall memes
It actually all started with this post on facebook (which I'm guessing sent out a tag alert when I shared her 3 year old picture with Betty White after I got a Timehop notification), which linked over to this post from yesterday, and apparently a quick verification check about the twitter mention. Or, it could've simply been a polite fav back after I shared one of her tweets yesterday, but that's never happened before in the 3 years I've been following, so who knows, right?

For my psychologist and everyone else who thinks this is one of my narcissistic brag posts, while technically, yes, you are right, I'm going to layer that with *cough* posterity posting in case my glitchy brain goes off *cough*. (Special note for my readers in particular- as Gerald Webb is to the Snarkalecs, Jessica is to Hollywood wives and moms. Yeah, she's there in the middle of it.)

Moving on. I finally made it into chat for #latenightmovie last night at SyfyDesigns and had such a great time that I totally forgot to screen grab a keepsake.

the origin for this (click pic) was an app convo
that went horribly awry
as far as I can tell
*click for boring*
This was the funniest dumbest funniest #latenightmovie I've seen this whole year. The snark was off the wall. This snip will click to youtube if you're desperate for a questionable dude movie.

Felt really good to touch base with the gang. Kinda paying for it this morning, will hafta get on my big athletic ball and do a couple of backward traveling crab walks off it, stuff like that.

The view out my front window this morning.

The view out the back. Yes, I know it's out of season, we're actually still getting hummers migrating through.

Holy cow, just ran into Police say 1 killed, 4 injured in shooting at ZombiCon. What the hell, people, you know we're only practicing for the apocalypse, right? Geez. It's things like that that'll ruin it for everyone and get cons shut down. I try to stay away from news feeds. I usually get everything I need off twitter.

Now I need stress relief from the news. And something motivating while I move around getting busy. Kinda still have this in my head from last night, so I'm going with it. (Save yourselves, stop scrolling down after this vid. God, I want someone to make a KhanGa vid...)

OH. You guys thought I was going to do an Alejandro tribute. You know it's one of my faves. Sure, why not. You guys know I absolutely adore this song, however darkly suggestive it may be of Hessian-esqe-ish Illuminati takeover of Vatican power (quick, cover your eye) and the hint that special ops robots are going around disguised as pop stars (Mulder wants to *believe*), and the haunting hint that there will be hell to pay (get it? hell to pay) for anyone who was remotely involved on either side of the Spanish Inquisition (which is *cough* still going on now *cough*). It's those dang Mason forefathers. Are they Christian or not? At any rate, j'adore these excellent fan tributes. I'm actually quite torn, you guys know I'm a hardcore Lady GaGa fan AND a hardcore fan of the fans in all the fandoms.

This one is so delightfully proletariat.

Who needs a brain cleanser? You're welcome.

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