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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

loser standards

Can always count on friends, lol.

I had a long complicated dream last night with @LisaMarieBowman in it. (She's my all-time fave reviewer, in case you haven't run into that yet.) It was weirdly all mixed up like a gigantic twitter-movie splat, and what really stood out remembering it when I woke up was that she had an awesome car like Oh the Boov made for Tip.

It was probably the Paris line that triggered the dream smash. I think I really miss #latenightmovie chat sometimes. In case anyone wonders how in the world, I missed the gang for a 14-hour Bunny day wherein I was able to memorize everything about the Boov, and I think I finally processed through that last night after a big dose of antibiotic started shoving an 'acute maxillary sinusitis' around that I hadn't realized I'd been piling up like Risk pieces in my head. Full takeover was imminent, as I mentioned in my last post, I was nearly completely hypnotized into just laying down and feeling delicious while all those germs fed on my brain. Get it? Germ warfare.

I've gotta run out my door again. Yeah, I know, live tweet write up dragging on.

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