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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Psycho Stats- I spy with my little eye...

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Statcounter finally caught a referral from someone in Egypt that wasn't logged into google (being logged in gives the search engine user more privacy), and I'm pretty sure this older post is being randomly hit because of this search result, because it links to my page.

Translate gives me a G+ user name that isn't viewable except through the direct links on that G+ user search page.

This isn't the first time I've found my material pulled into someone else's religious or political feed/stream. My content being linked into that other stuff makes no sense since I have no other context and can't see the page it's used on or the comments people might've left. However, the hit count trickling in on that particular post is still so slow that it's hardly a problem, not like it's being bumped up into a most-viewed 30-day or all-time status. Yet. (Remember I found one of my chicken vids had garnered over 2000 hits without me even knowing it.)

Blog views are kind of like rolling dice, you can't really see who all is standing around the table watching you roll. There is a special kind of troll that lurks around watching for content movers and then attaches to them, and next thing you know, the search engines are crossing streams and pulling their content into other people's innocent content. It's an old game. I know it because I play it myself, I just do it out in the open and everyone can see all the linking and sharing I do. I don't make any money on clicks, but lurker trolls probably do, and some of them probably make a pretty good income on that kind of trolling. This guy is probably raking in some dough picking up other people's content and there's nothing anyone can do about it, at least from my standpoint, since I can't point to a specific place he's using my content, which looks like it's actually someone else's youtube content crossed with my keyword 'asexuality' and then posted in a protected (not searchable in the U.S. at any rate) stream hooked to heavy news content about (given what I can see) prostitution, drugs, and homoeroticism in a country that kills people for such things outside of strictly sanctioned 'law-breaking' in the name of religion. (You can see why my Zev vs Xev post was a big deal when you look at it this way. The keywords for your eyes opening are 'kills people outside of strictly sanctioned law-breaking'. Yeah, you're kind of getting that there's an oxymoron going on here...) (Can we all say "I worship his shadow....") (If you're not on the Lexx train yet and you think you're a big political activist, you really need to turn your head and start seeing the real world.) (Just saying.)

I have the option of blocking URLs in my Google analytics so the hits won't be counted at all anymore on those posts, so if a post ever does go really sour with bogey hits and I can't find any other way to make it stop, I'll just block that count from my accumulating overall total. I run into blogs all the time with ridiculously high view counts, and my first thought (especially if it's a boring post on a savvy monetized blog) is that they don't know how to cut out the spam, bot, and pingback 'views', which aren't real readers at all. Some realize that's going on and just blow anything outside of the U.S. off as generalized 'spam' and still fail to grasp how outrageously wacky their view count still is for something so boring, and they still don't take the time to go fix it, probably because they assume, quite wrongly, that a high view count makes them look really popular. To anyone who knows stuff, it screams robot.txt. The last thing I want to look like is a noob, hence, I check on my stat referrals. Constantly. (Believe it or not, this gives me a higher rating as a 'real person' on the internet. Yes, that's actually a thing they can measure for now.)

I never was one to cheat in games, either. I once played with a couple of kids who cheated at Monopoly and still beat them without cheating myself. I find cheating so tiresome. Cheating is quick and easy, and even if it takes a little bit of cleverness to not get caught, it takes much more cleverness to actually beat a game, and I'd so much rather be the second kind of clever, even if no one has a clue because I'm busy beating the game by being tricky looking stupid.

Anyway, the reason I keep digging is because I very much doubt I'm really that cool to be pulling in this many views lately, unless what I'm seeing really are a handful of new discoverers who are literally reading every post I've made (that has happened a few times), and possibly using the tagging system doing it because the visitor paths seem a bit jagged jumping around hither and yon. BUT, when I see the same path identically repeated 2 or 3 more times in short order, I can't help wondering if a string of bots are feeding on each other's trails. So I keep digging. (Yeah, totally got a visual of a web centibot, right?)

I do know from experimenting that the view count from my own mobile views is extremely accurate, as are a couple of other readers who've been regularly showing up in traffic for months. If I question a visitor trail, I just check the device and browser stats. Some bots can mimic that info to look like real people, of course, but patience and curiosity have helped me untangle several mysterious threads of clues and nail down actual people. I could care less who they are, I just want to know they're real and not bots.

What a boring post this is, huh? I'm killing time until the TWD live tweet. I've got chores done and there's not much left to do but snack, and I'm trying not to snack. I'd work on a project but then I'd bury myself and not pop up for air in time for the live tweet.

@bonenado leads a much more exciting life. I keep telling him he should blog. You guys would love his rants and rambles. And he's way less wordy than I am. And super dyslexic so the typos would be hilarious. You missed the sprint from the window after he saw an armadillo and zipped across the house out the door across the yard and back again because he was foiled by the basement door already being locked and he couldn't get to his pitchfork or shovel. I just said I don't wanna know about it. It's like living with a super bored action figure wound up to spring.

Ok, need a brain cleanser so I can dislodge my eyeballs and go get jammers on and get ready for the live tweet. Let's see, something fun...

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