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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

HTTP 404 Not Found error- Pinkyween no es Halloween

Got a heads up that we might get early trick-or-treaters, oh, you know, about WEDNESDAY. I'm a gramma now, I can do this...

All you guys who think/thought the toddler years are/were rough, you've no idea. In 20-30 years you'll do it all over again with the added benefits of 1- unbendiness, 2- unenerginess, 3- unbraininess, and 4- unenduringiness. You'll still retain your basic rights to sleepless nights and long mind-numbing days while honing your older gen skillz repeating all the stupid cliches from your own parents that you swore would never come out of your own mouth, because old people say the most idiotic things to little kids they don't know what to do with in giant warehouse stores when everyone gets tired and a 2 year old decides to crawl onto a shelf of pillows and take a break until the shelf above gets bumped with a little foot and suddenly your descendant has to be unburied from a pile of shelves and pillows. Yes, I got video.

This was another birthday present I got. I'd never seen one of these before.

Next one clicks to what the crawl bot couldn't 'see'.

So somewhere out there is a phone brand/make/model that *might* not be able to see the mobile version of my 'about me' bio section if they switch to desktop/web version, or something. Whatever. It's probably my own phone. Anyway, my first 404 error(s) started showing up on my birthday. How cool is that???

I've gotta get off here and split like the Flash, I'm supposed to be in PT by 8 a.m. Laterz.

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