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Tuesday, October 13, 2015


This cracks me up.

I almost never even go over there. (That clicks to LinkedIn.) If I took myself more seriously over there I'd probably scare people. I mean, can you imagine?

Current: Hijacking source code.
Education: Kicked out of high school physics for beating the teacher in the derby race.

Conceived on a motorcycle.
Trained in exsanguination and dismemberment.
Skilled with knives and keyboards.

Controlled burns, dispatching varmints and troublemakers.
Wrasslin bunnies.
I also make a darn good apple pie.

Reallocating space in my spaceship.
Formatting the latest live tweet review.

Skills and Endorsements-
Top Skills:
Knowing when to stop and take a nap.
Juggling chainsaws and eggs.

Pinky also knows about:
Everything Johnlock.
Screwing up tables on blogger.

Thrown in the deep end of the pond.
Leap clear if you can't find the brakes on the tractor. #tuckandroll

Additional Info:
We just got a new roof so you might not reckonize the house on a google map now.

Many skilled magicians and thieves.

It's tempting. But a few of my connections take themselves a little more seriously than that, and, indeed, world dominate, so I don't want to be reassessed as property value fail by association.

Back to today! Yes, I made pie.

Day 2 of @bonenado's alarm not going off, we suspect Bunny tampering sometime during that 14-hour day. I also magically put on 2 pounds that day that aren't coming back off. Who knows what other surprises giggle in the dark waiting for us to find them.

I also got more spaceship work done yesterday. Behold my new work station. I promptly bumped something off behind the dresser, @bonenado says my loss, so today I need to figure out a bumper system where the gap of death vanishes. Temp solution is rolled towels, but I'm sure that'll be a fail sooner or later.

After I moved my work station I majorly found the kitchen table again, and today I'll be wreaking havoc on a buried counter that caught the flotsam and jetsam during the first big reallocation wave.

One of the biggies about my new work station is that I'll be able to stay on my feet and work. I moved around a LOT more yesterday. I mean, I'm always moving around, I'm the person that pauses Tosh every 5 minutes to jump up, right? But I've got two main grinders to get through this week, one being the live tweet review, and I simply cannot sit through that without neck and shoulder death and risking spiky headaches. One of the nicer changes after TWD left off last season was noticing my pain level went down because I was doing less force-work. So we'll see how I handle s6 standing up. The key to good standing work is a really good pair of athletic shoes, and I'm all over that.

I made the executive decision yesterday to stop being polite. I've mentioned in past that I don't have a natural timer in my head and often go down rabbit holes, forgetting to eat or never noticing the time passing in my enthusiastic jaunts into superfocus. I've worked very hard on learning to be polite. I've recently dissected exactly what that is to aspienado, and I think it's best if I stop doing what doesn't come naturally to me in places I shouldn't even venture. I still have DMs and PMs from several people sitting in a sort of pending hell because, and I keep saying this, I suck at being friends. There are exactly 5 people in this world, not counting actual family, that can reach me any time, and I'm good with that because they don't. They don't bug me with texting or phone calls, and they totally get that messaging through social media isn't a frivolity. I would love to be able to rank and filter inboxes on social media, that really is the biggest fail of networking. Kelly says scarcity, I say inaccessibility. 'Strict filtering' and 'only friends' is as vague as 'everyone I happen to be in line with at the water plunge ride in a theme park'.

Ah, yes, I jumped off the dissection. Do you know how much time goes by during typical social convos? 80% of interaction is pleasantries and word dance routines. My kids are allowed to bump me off track any time, but since I hilariously fail to unmute my phone half the time, 'any time' is kind of like 'whenever I happen to notice 2 hours later'. And then when we do get the phones bzzt bzzt bzzt-ing, they don't expect me to 'chat' or ask how their day was. They also know one wrong move can launch me into power point or Cthulhu from the abyss, so they don't prompt or poke me for response. Oh, I'll respond...

Anyway, if something's not working, stop doing it, right? And messaging isn't working for me. I don't have time to check out a new tv show someone says I'll love, I don't have time to put the brakes on ALL THE THINGS wondering wtf is this weird question about how I could be more supportive of a college student in another country having a bad day before finals (yes, seriously) (I apparently need sensitivity training for anguished souls who feel locked into doom by cruel parents), I don't have the time to juggle several real time unrelated dramas about who isn't talking to whom while I myself am grieving a loss (this actually seems to be a life theme, I may have to investigate this karmic riddle), and I certainly don't have the time to 'check out this bio' from a complete stranger who insists on using me as a step ladder. I mean, that one's a given, right? Here you go, a fun little game.

Yes, serious about the skyping sexploit thing. You people need to realize that as long as I don't name names and point fingers, I can talk about that all I want, right? It's a free country and this is my blog. I'm getting a little rankled by how many of you tease famous people, like it's an attention game or something, and then turn around and privately rip them like they're so awful when you're the ones starting the crap. What's really disturbing is how many times this has happened just in the last year to the same actor. Good lord, people. Call yourselves fans? That's not even cool. And I'm not talking about the actual skyping content, I'm talking about the laughing behind the back thing. >=l Pisses me off. See what you did there? You made it about ME. So now I hafta use Pinky blog for a #reoribraintation. (Get it? Reorientation. Never mind.)

Anyway, rulz. Whenever aspienado winds up in a spinning wheels in the mud kind of rut, aspienado extricates and flings mud before zooming off. I could go count and link the times I've said stop, but I have better things to do. My new rule is ignore, and that's really hard for a speed reading aspienado with a very serious reading compulsion. (That was a confession.) You know why I write so much? So I can stop reading.

If you or someone you know needs to chat on social media ~right now~, there's not a support group for that. Yes, I'm one of the worst when it comes to continual broadcasting, but I'm not bugging you guys to respond. I keep saying keep trying if you need someone to talk to, but that doesn't mean commandeer someone by cornering them in private until they feel the need to cut the relationship off. I'm saying this to at least 12 of you, and not just about me. I'll confess right here that I've been the worst in the past, and I had to learn the hard way myself why. that. doesn't. work. Trying to force explanations out of people is no replacement for good old fashioned reasoning something out yourself.

One observation I've made on social media is that people I've known in forums and facebook and whatevs are still saying the exact same thing ten years later. Seriously. I can't even imagine looking back ten years and not seeing personal growth and change. I can't imagine another year of stagnation. 2013 felt like serious stagnation to me. It was the year I yapped the most on twitter.

Need a work jam so I can pull my eyes off. Gotta keep moving. FOCUS! GET TO WORK!!!

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