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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

dark ages

Me irl looking all over my house for that receipt yesterday.

Scott came home, went straight to it under a pile of sales flyers on his desk. These swift and sweeping paper shoves for Bunny visits are on the verge of coming back under control. Yesterday I ran into a couple of other things from the time before, and it's just unacceptable. I'll be spending flu shot recovery doing massive mobile office purge today. And making cupcakes. We haven't had any cupcakes in several months.

That flu shot took me down hard and fast. I was out solid for a couple hours yesterday afternoon and totally crashed again after Gotham and Big Bang last night, but back up by 11 after a horrific dream about terrorists methodically hitting a row of apartments and killing everyone. I knew it was coming, tried to get everyone in my family to leave with me before they got to us, no one would go, tried calling 9-1-1 when they broke in, what a joke. There was no emergency response available (I think I was in a different country, actually), and my dad and I were the only ones who got away crashing through our own windows and running like hell while the rest of the kids (both grown and young) behind us screamed during the rampage. Since my real dad is too old to run and I'm not in good enough shape to run like that, I'm pretty sure it was a whole other family than my own. I could blame the dream intensity on the flu shot, but I don't seem to be having any unusual symptoms besides the typical arm soreness and wiped out feeling. I've had a few death dreams from other perspectives over the years, that one was the most immediately intense I think I've ever had.

So thank goodness I conked back out a little after midnight. And I might go back to bed again after Scott leaves for work. He just reminded me the guttering guy could show up any time this week. Maybe I'll get dressed before I go back to bed. IF I go back to bed now. It doesn't take much to keep me awake, just twang a nerve, hours of boing. There's a website for that. Use it like a screensaver. The cat that keeps bouncing way high outa sight cracks me up. That's me irl. @bonenado said it's a great site for if you're stoned. Remember when I said I married a paste eater? He was also a stoner with hair down to his waist, and his fave job was mowing golf course lawns. I never knew that side of him. By the time we met he had a Harley and short hair, cuffing his jeans like in Grease, and he had a real job. Kenickie is my fave in Grease.

Me and @bonenado irl. Except he never knew my 'Rizzo' days.

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