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Friday, October 16, 2015

taking it slow

Ok, back to real life. Got a little scattered over other places. TWD live tweet review & today's spaz whine

Someone on a FB Xanga group was whining again, so I kerplunked my page rating down in an 'ok, let's all quit whining now' kind of way. Really getting sick of whiners. If you're still whining about a blog move two years later in a fully supported group, your blog host must not be all that bad, sheesh.

Anyway, saved it for posterity. The worth has come down a smidge (about $3000) but I haven't been posting anything, either. By the way, yes, I was actually asked if I'd consider ad placement. I've gotten lots of spam in my life, but this was legitimate email from a real guy. If I got picked up during scouting for ad placement, my site is a power player. If I were *cough*smart*cough I'd probably jump on stuff like this, but I'm an arrogant loser who has other plans.

From trash in space. "In every game there must be a winner and a loser. In this game, you will be the loser."

from the original original ecritters
"Remember what I said about losing."

Ok, back to now again. On to the important stuff. My first pair of bigfoot sox. I needed something special after the big nerve assessment (my arms ached pretty good the rest of the day +_+).

And I bought this hideous outfit full price and not even on sale (@bonenado's gonna croak) because it was hideously AWESOME. I'll probably never wear the whole outfit together, just the blouse with jeans and the pants with a solid top. Those pants would be awesome if I ever wind up in hospital for anything, super comfy and still actual dressy pants, not sweats. By the way, I discovered that I've dropped a pants size. I'm so frugal clothes shopping that I don't notice these things.

I am so jealous of little girls nowadays.

Ha, @bonenado is so busy being all excited over whether he's going fishing or bow hunting tomorrow that he never even glanced at that outfit.

Tonight is filet mignon, baked tatos, and big fancy salad out of a bag, because that's super easy and feedin up the mighty hunter for a big weekend. Heard Bunny is puny (102 fever) so probably won't see her this weekend. Tonight is the last Continuum, you all know my thoughts on that by now. If you don't see me on the webs tonight, my hands still ache and it's painful to hold my phone, sorry.

I absolutely love this vid.

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