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Saturday, December 27, 2014

recoup recap

Highlights from this week, in no particular order of circumstance or significance.

 photo monkey15.gif After 105 days without chocolate of any kind, I finally ate 5 chocolate chips yesterday. I was thrilled not to have any kind of reaction.

 photo monkey16.gif Score for the ultimate compliment. "Ok someone over there is an over achiever"   This collage sums up nicely. It wasn't me, I swear.

But this was. I'm an enabler- this is basically the kind of stuff that happens when I uninstall twitter off my phone for a week. I stop moving the camera around at about 2 minutes. Elfnado is deceptively cooperative here, thanks to a long nap.

 photo monkey08.gif Meanwhile, we declared the Houston gang the Christmas tree winner. Such bravery putting that up with a zurrito around.

 photo monkey04.gif They made cookies, too. Papa zurrito made a beach babe.

 photo monkey12.gif  In spite of all the revelry, I didn't put on a single pound and ate only 4 cookies the entire week. My blood sugar readings were all fantastic because I super pushed proteins, which I think got me through a whole week of high energy Elfnado without crashing into total flare up or succumbing to sinus and ear infections. I also made old people super food on Christmas Eve to power up the grampa- the yummiest broccoli-cauliflower cheese soup ever, with bacon and a big load of onion powder. I'm pretty sure eating an entire head of cauliflower and two giant bunches of broccoli between us gave us super powers.

 photo monkey06.gif All the same, I'm looking forward to some rest this next week as the temps plunge. I'm pretty sure I'll be pathetic on the couch with the DVR for a couple of days. Speaking of DVR, we watched how Minty started the tradition of hanging stockings. Kudos to parents out there who sit through lots of little pony shows, lol. I don't handle those high squeaky voices very well.

 photo monkey07.gif Zurrito Claus... Might hafta find that kid some coal gum to chew next year.

 photo monkey05.gif Miss Elfnado kept putting toes over the naughty line herself. If she's not the boss, no one is, but grampa is used to that because of her mama.

You know I got sox for Christmas.

And you know I gave sox.

@bonenado outcooled me when he got Elfnado her first sonic screwdriver. You press the button and whirly lights go off, we all walked around going zrrr zrrr zrrr all over that button.

This is super long and I'm super tired. Going to hold off putting twitter back on my phone until I get a little more caught up, hopefully back on track by Monday. Hope everyone had nice holidays, counting down now to 2015!

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