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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Human Fund

Raise your hand if you've actually read this book.

I think my dad would have been far less humbuggy if we'd celebrated Festivus all those years instead of Christmas. Our kind of wrestling matches, though, would have been excruciating chess matches and political and religious debates, with my ten year old self taking point on devil's advocate, doing my best to prove my dad wrong despite any personal feelings or beliefs I held. This is still rocking good fun to him.

I've also suffered wonderful airing of grievances recitals from a few people I know a little too well, mostly due to circumstance, and I wholeheartedly support the emotional healing this kind of honesty can bring, unless it is continually enabled by other people who live for good grump fests. I'm afraid I've been the topic of convo on a few of these occasions, which puffs me up with the importance of fame, so I'm afraid stabbing me in the back kind of backfires when people least expect it. I keep thinking I'll order these cards and then forget every year, and now I can't find them.

I've never put a pole up because I would undoubtedly run into it and likely even get a metal sliver. When I retailed I managed to get several nasty brushed silver and chrome slivers just from tearing down and restructuring the clothing racks. Bet you didn't know they could do that, did you? So Festivus would be even suckier for me if that happened. I would love to have a Festivus pole out in the yard, like one cool house in Nixa, but 1- everyone knows it's really a flag pole, and 2- orthodox Festivus poles should remain unadorned and this guy had his wrapped in red lights. I think a broken broom handle would be fine, and it could double as a spear if I see a spider.

It's a Festivus Miracle I'm actually still up. I was crashing into bed by 6 last night, and I'm going to regret not going earlier when I wake up around 4 a.m. tomorrow. I guess I could air a grievance before I log off. -*- I missed logging a day on loseit yesterday for the first time in something like 73 days. I could blame it on the fire that took out a power line and required electric to be cut off from hundreds of homes for several hours in order to repair it, effectively killing our router and broadband, but I was already in bed barely capable of functioning anyway. I suspect I am in flare up. I'm trying my best not to be crabby. Scott is still alive, that's a good sign. Happy Festivus.

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