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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I haven't had chocolate in 82 days

Did you guys know you can ask your library to purchase books you want to read? My library has an online request form, and I can look all the pertinent info up on amazon to fill in the blanks. My latest submission looked like this.

I almost never walk into the library. I do my searches online, tic 'place hold', and then swing around the drive through pick up when I go into town. It's not that I'm avoiding the library, it's a really cool place, almost like a mini museum with a coffee shop and novelty store. I've even been up the elevator to the offices when I contacted staff about how getting slot time for charity events works. Aside from my affection for big hospitals, I think I could live comfortably as a volunteer in a library. Years from now when I'm really old and maybe alone, you'll probably be able to find me in one of those two places.

I'm also having fun with my loseit account, even though I haven't lost any real weight yet. (Maintaining beats gaining, right?) It's way too much work on top of everything I'm doing, but they have cute little charts.

If I'd known about that I'd have been plugging in correct data a month ago instead of slinging up 'custom' entries that don't track nutrients. This chart makes me look like a horrible eater (I laughed when I first found it), but it's extremely biased to the very few foods I entered correctly.

I learned about 12 hours ago that burrito will be coming here with her mama to decorate a tree this weekend, and then come back and spend the night on Christmas Eve, very exciting. I now have new OCD direction for my holiday nerves, because as it all stands right now, there's no place to even put a tree. Will Pinky panic? NO!!! Well, yeah, I know this looks like a 'frozen fear' sort of panic...

I keep thinking I'll move these snowflakes blocking the words, but they comfort me. I feel like I'm hiding behind them.

Been kinda winding things up lately, the blogs were saved once again, the distractions of life seem easier to handle nowadays, I'm in a cave mood- #amwriting.