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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

16 days until Christmas

Sometime today I'm going to run into a shriveled green bean. It could be anywhere. If I don't find it, I'm going to bet it wound up behind the microwave. Wonder if Peyton threw green beans when he was a burrito. He probably put eyes out. Ok, was looking for babies throwing green beans and ran into this, think I'll make it this week. Except I'll crumble a goodly portion of bacon into it, as well. And use beans out of a can. And cut up a russet, because I don't have reds. And I'll probably use onion powder and basil. I would use dill (I loooove dill), but Scott doesn't like it. I doubt I use any vinegar or mustard. But this clicks to original recipe in case you wanna check it out.

I keep trying to ask google why the inside of my mugs are getting sparkly, but it thinks I want sparkly mugs. Most of my mugs are over ten years old and I'm suspecting that the inside glaze is wearing out and I'm being exposed to lead now. I especially like the sentence I found at this site- "Pregnant women should avoid daily use of hot drinks in ceramic mugs." Um, how about the rest of us who drink daily coffee for decades from a favorite mug? (Scott would say this is how the Chinese are getting us, along with the gummi candy, because everything is made in China, to which I reply MWAHAHA.) Anyway, kinda thinking it's time to buy a new mug here and there. Despite all the cool mug posts I've made at syfydesigns, I'm a bit of a tightwad. Check this, a pink space brainiac kitty with a bowtie shooting a pinkyblue rainbow laser out of its eye. Too bad the place I found it doesn't link back to source, what a bummer. I could waste a whole day looking for that mug.

So after quite a few hours of burrito the last few days, my brain shreds are thinking I need to very seriously get all over Christmas while I still have the chance. Big week ahead- people coming from out of town, Scott needs to replace a thermostat in his pickup and install a new appliance for his mom, I need to move stuff around again that spilled out into the livingroom when the new dresser arrived last summer, and maybe I'd better start locating the little sacks of presents and stocking stuffers I've been accumulating the last few weeks. I'm not the Christmas elf I used to be. My mom once gave me a present in February that she'd lost before Christmas and completely forgot about and then ran into again. I believe in Christmas being an all year thing, so I was cool with it. Spontaneous gift giving out of the blue is a big YES with me. However, I'm not that far gone myself yet, so it would look more lazy than cute to toss an expensive tube of lotion at someone next spring and say "Oh yeah, here's your Christmas present." 

Two cups of coffee in, brain diagnostics coming back positive, time to focus and get busy so I can flop later and watch all the new Christmas specials. I love how the BBC is taking over American Christmas now, still catching up on all this cool stuff.

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