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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

naked ninjas kicking christmas back into place

I guess that needs some explanation. After a year and a half of babies in our lives, anyone who has kids knows 1- they save our souls in our darkest hours, 2- they are slippery when wet and escape from their baths gleefully squealing like tiny little banshees, and 3- they make our eyes light up even when we're so weary we're not sure we can keep going.


This thang has a naked ninja (great band name, right?) on the way herself. Don't worry, she's not really purple.

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Sometimes Christmas gets really messed up when bad things happen. Three years ago yesterday something very bad did happen, and it's been really hard ever since.

But something good is happening now. Things are still hard, but a little naked ninja is about to kick some Christmas butt. He's not here yet, but getting close (Jan/Feb), and some little doggies are going to be very surprised when he shows up.

Every year on this day I lose it and bawl my eyes out. This is the day three years ago I raced to a hospital in the dark and walked through the freezing cold from the giant parking lot because the trams weren't running yet, and waited with people I love for hours and hours to find out if it was going to become an even worse day. All morning long I have thought of all the people in the world who are having a very bad day today, a very hard day that suddenly tilts the world over, a day that burns scars so deep that you think nothing will ever be able to fix it again.

But a naked ninja is coming. And it's gonna kick Christmas right in the butt.

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