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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

twitter gangs

No idea what's up with Snarkalec Radio, big show coming tomorrow before a big break over the holidays or something, rumors flying and stuff about the piranhaconda egg hatching and devouring the hosts. Two years of pulling what amounts to a second job that's really more like an unpaid full time hobby probably turned them into the zombies they've discussed with so much vigor, so maybe they melted partway into the floors and are vainly flapping around growling at passersby. I may have to go back to reruns, because I liked running the shows in the morning while I get my chores started. I got a little silly this last year making these.


I also know several people with family in hospitals, job problems, financial challenges, and other whatnot, and for me, twitter has been the best way I've gotten through my own stuff last couple of years. Got my gangs going so I can keep touching base to keep my balance when holiday pressure feels like too much. I've lately been inducted into #teamspooge. Not sure I could explain it, but I have truly found my people. These all click to source convos.

It's not for the faint of heart.

This must be clicked to understand. Remember, not for the faint of heart...

I also seem to be part of an underground squirrel mob now. If people only really knew... 

A sampling from my photobucket. Had a really bad winter awhile back, everything turned into squirrels.

I usually avoid religion and politics, especially around the holidays, but I may have finally found my particular stance on #gamergate. 

I dunno, I just really like these guys, you know?

And while I'm free associating all over the map, this is happening.

All this before 7 a.m., so you know the holiday nerves are throwing me against the walls already. I've got a big ol' chore list to cover today, and I'm starting it off with my fave Christmas song EVER.

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