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Monday, December 29, 2014

2014- the good, the bad, and the ugly

Last year's personal life assessment- I made 5 resolutions. Got a handle on overbuying produce *check*, paperwork never got done BRZAP, got a new dresser for excellent sox organization ~gold star~, stayed public, lol *check*, but no, nothing got published yet BRZAP.

So that's what, two regrets? Hang on, lemme dig up my regret pix.


That was superficial. Real life assessment-

My house is cleaner than it's been in ten years, thanks to Elfnado.

My paperwork is actually organized enough now to file, if I'd just spend a couple of days grinding through it, thanks to moving everything around to get a new dresser in.

I'm actually keeping up with my family in real time and not wisping away on a couch this winter in spite of fibro and auto flares and viruses, thanks to another huge breakthrough in my diet, notably another allergy blowing up on me.

I'm. still. writing. I haven't disappeared (sure wanted to for about a week), I'm dealing with my angst and depression head on every day, I'm communicating well with my family (aspienado score), I've been 'turned loose' by psychologist, neurologist, and physical therapy, and my discipline to writing, research, and making notes every single day is still solid.

I will admit that I've entertained the notion of quitting. What keeps me hacking away at this is an undertow of still being extremely pissed. There are a few events in my past that still feel very thorny, which is why I came back in the first place. I'm not sure I'd call what I'm doing 'revenge', but it's certainly been a subtle motivator under everything I do.


I've been thinking about 2015 resolutions. I'll make only 3.

 photo 6wha.gif Chocolate. I refrained from all chocolate in every form for 105 days in 2014 and noticed I stopped turning to comfort food whenever I felt whiny. I haven't put on any weight at all this whole year, even dropped 5 pounds and have kept it off no matter what else I eat. Since I'm not having a problem missing chocolate, I think my first resolution for 2015 is to keep staying away from chocolate. Let's see what a year of no chocolate brings me. I officially redacted this one on 1-15-15.

 photo excited.png Sox. I have over 100 pairs of sox. I don't intend to stop, no, but I do intend to restructure. Not sure how yet, or the direction this will take, but somehow this will be a Year Of Change for Pinky's sox.

 photo dizzy3.gif Paperwork. I very seriously want to be earning enough money by the end of the year to pay someone to help me keep my paperwork straight. I'll reserve this resolution for jokes, unless something really does happen and it works. If it does, I'll make a DayBowBow vlog or something at the end of the year.

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