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Sunday, December 28, 2014

thatch roofed cottages

Everyone survive ok?

No? Don't despair, we get to assess our faults now, decide whether to resolute stuff, and then swing chaotically through the whole thing all over again, yay!

I need to start my end of year assessing, and the first thing I'm noting is that my phone is so old now (zoomed right past the plan expiration and into no man's land) that playing musical apps isn't working any more. I duked it out with facebook long ago trying to control my email, sent G+ packing even further back when it grabbed the controls thinking it was the user itself (good one, google), and lately had to give up toggling twitter and pinterest reinstalls, just in the nick of time as I got all the pix loaded over. I'm down to 19 now. Since I've been over 1000 several times, that's a feat of strength I'll dare to brag about for years to come, using my raw will power and manual overrides to sort and categorize instead of sending mass dumps to the cloud, like @bonenado does. I did use a card once, that was a joke.

Anyhoo, after wiping histories and caches galore *again* and several more re-uninstalls (I still dare not use force stops), all that is left is loading about 50 more vids to youtube, and I can sort them into the proper pinterest folders from there on the laptop. Most of this is family stuff, private folders, but just never got done while I had twitter on my phone.

And now that I'm at this final stage, I can't seem to get twitter back onto my phone. Yes, I've tried everything. I'm really good at my phone. I've always found a way. Until now. No matter what I do, there is 'insufficient storage'.

I think my only hope now is to erase phone storage itself and go back to factory default, but I have the sinking feeling that none of the data in my phone will be really gone then. I think when we exchange our phones back in, the company uses them as their property, so 'temp' files, like what I could clear off my laptop hard drive, still exist in my phone in a quiet place I can't get to. Analytics is huge now. User data is $$.  I think they pass this off as needing a new device and a new plan, and they collect what 'doesn't work' any more but is still very usable to them, even though they're so outdated that they're truly useless.

Long story short, if I want twitter on my phone again, I guess I must concede to being forced to upgrade. SO. Until we upgrade, which might still be awhile because we're stingy old people who wring every penny we can out of tech far beyond what it's reasonably capable of, I won't be tweeting every little thing in my life for awhile. Guess I'll have to burninate some peasants to blow off my steam.

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