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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

blow the airlock!

Yesterday's post broke the all-time scare record in one day flat, thanks to #MondayBlogs. I learned everything I know about blogging from Monsters University. Just do what you gotta do and blow the door.

Awesome word 'airlock' in our retweet game last night led to me finding this. Big wave to Holly, her Layla kitty is about to pop.

So I finally jumped on my own media newspaper, tweaked it so my friends show up a lot, cracks me up how geeked out some of the sections are getting. I'm discovering the 'paper' is like a daily super filter, way better than a tweet deck of any kind that shows all your favorite streams. The paper makes it easy to glance through a whole bunch of links my friends thought cool to share, whole page of photos and videos clustered in one place, click-glance-click-glance, way faster than zipping through a twitter list. Best thing of all is it's FREE. I'm not done tweaking it yet, but we're getting there.

Been seeing more people tweeting lately about weird dreams. I know holiday stress has got mine going off the wall again. Last night I dreamed the Doctor's 20 year old son had a twitter account and he was trolling around the fandom like a jerk, and all the parody cat accounts followed him around adoringly, just like cats rubbing on someone's leg. Another bizarre dream had me inside a giant scrabble game on another planet fighting bogeys that were dismantling the words I was trying to spell. Given that Wabble is down, yeah, I'm not surprised.

Yesterday got a little weird. Usually when I hit a wall it's a general brain falling out and dragging around like a limp noodle kind of thing, but yesterday my arms hit the wall way before I did and I dropped, smeared, sloshed, and knocked over things like I had manikin arms. I've never been diagnosed with an actual arthritis, but I did a lot of thinking yesterday about people getting through holidays, probably mostly behind the scenes, with arthritis in their hands and shoulders, shooting pain or sudden numbness that lends all caps to the word 'KLUTZY'. All it took for me was wrapping a stack of boxes and addressing a pile of Christmas cards. All you moms and dads out there who still have kids in the house while you're managing a medical diagnosis or two...

Back to the countdown! I have 6 days till we get Elfnado. This was her on her first merry-go-round at Silver Dollar City this last weekend.

Ok, now I'm just stalling. Time to get my second cup of coffee and get moving!

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