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Monday, December 15, 2014

Clausal Reality

This is how tired we are. Scott and I were flying around grabbing last minute items Saturday, opened the Christmas card sack yesterday and both went "Where did this one come from?"

It's very pretty, but would be terribly gauche to actually use it. We can't send it to Scott's Jehovah Witness dad (doesn't believe in celebrating holidays) or my dad (my mom died 5 years ago) or Scott's mom (super awkward elevating step dad like that over Mom). I said we could address it anonymously and throw a dart at the address book as a gag, but so many hilarious spin off scenarios going horribly wrong had us doubled over laughing ourselves silly and pre-regretting rippling holiday family ponds to the point of possible nuclear bombs going off.

I vote we send it to a complete stranger, don't put a return address, and sign it only with a first name. A mystery! It could be the conversation highlight of someone's day, who knows.

This got a little bizarre before we figured it out. Click it for the full monty.

I truly do not think before I head out the door. I hadn't worn that shirt in awhile and forgot I had it on when we spontaneously jumped into the car. Scott is so used to me he doesn't even notice any more.

Last week till burrito! We get her next Monday. My goal is to have all the shopping and wrapping and cleaning and menu planning and mailing DONE before next Monday, because we'll probably be running around town with her in between remaining on full alert the whole time she's here. And then mama comes Christmas Eve and they spend the night, so I hope they let Santa know they'll be here or it will be a sad Christmas.

I grew up with a dad like this. Seriously. He resisted Christmas with all his might for many years.

I've been zooming around doing stuff since 4 a.m. It's time to blast some new motivation into my brain. Yes, I'm totally serious. If you guys saw my actual real collection of 70s and 80s TV show theme songs you'd fall over. Theme songs are awesome. 

(Skip a bazillion youtube intros I just went through.) Time to get on with the rest of my day. Whatever happens out there, make it cool.


  1. I wore pajamas and bedhead to Walmart last week before I though I was just dropping off my hubby to pick up his car from an oil change... then he drug me all over the store. Hopefully anyone who had a problem with my appearance noticed that I am pregnant.

    1. The cool thing about Walmart- it's just Walmart. The bad thing about where you live- celebrities could pop in. One of the Walmarts over there is niiiiiiice, wooden floors, high dollar coffee shop, was that the one you were in?