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Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Elfnado Christmas Countdown

In the old days I was one of those people who actually tried to watch all the Christmas movies through December.

I was one of those people who actually managed to make every single traditional treat there ever was and give them out to all my friends and family.

I was one of those people who actually had built up stacks of presents indexed months ahead of time, and I married an ADHD OCD clean closet/basement freak who organized Christmas like an Einstein hamster, and we. were. ready.

We were those people who actually put lights up all over a 3 story house and big yard and looked like a festive Christmas cantina out in the wild woods.

I was one of those people who actually pulled all this off while listening to every single Christmas album and cassette and cd I ever owned, which is quite substantial.

That was then. This is now.

We are barely keeping up and loving Christmas more than if we were trying to do ALL THE THINGS. 

We're like zombie Christmas robots going through motions, but we are collapsing into our beds with smiles on our faces for the first time in years, even though our house is shredded by the Elfnado coming through over and over.

As you can imagine, I got the plastic out...

We'll be lucky to get one single Yoda plugged in this year. We are that tired.

This was a trial run yesterday. She's meeting a 'real' Santa today in a nice place. Can't wait to hear how that turns out.

Lotta feels going on this year.


  1. The holidays are so much more fun when watching little ones experience it. I'm even having a great time with your posts and pictures of little Elfnado :)

    1. About to have a burrito Monday, lol. Guess we'll have to make a cookie one of these days.