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Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Pink List

Guess this is the closest I'm going to get this morning to pink coffee.

I'd like to thank the person/bot in Brazil that pumped up my dotcom traffic count last Friday. I hadn't checked that blog in ages till yesterday, no idea why this happened.

It feels kinda Black List-y, only instead of Berlin it's Brazil.

So here's the thing. I'm running a little behind on my Santa chores because I haven't had a car this month.

Actually, that's been Scott's car since 2009, was mine for years before that. He's driving the CRV now because the thermostat is out in the pickup, very sucky driving with no heat, can't defrost, etc. We've been way too busy to solve this problem (hopefully this weekend), plus who wants to pay a year of property tax on another vehicle that's only a couple of weeks in the family, right?

So I'm getting the house ready for a big pajama party on Christmas Eve, plus the week of Christmas will be a busy burrito week so the daycare lady can enjoy Christmas, too. Got all kinds of deep cleaning and freshening up going on, moving stuffs around so presents can magically appear without us tripping over them, fine tuning my lists for the days I'll finally get back into town. The more I can get done this week, the easier it'll be later. I'm actually very surprised and pleased I still have so much brain access this time of year. I'm usually in core shutdown by now, just a numb robot going through motions. Guess my brain chemicals must finally be resetting back to a healthier cocktail in there.

In the meantime I'm counting down the mailing days till Christmas. It'll be here in TWO WEEKS, guys. Click this for more info.

We also had a box arrive Fed-Ex yesterday from a mail order company that was so shredded I thought the worst, thank goodness everything inside was well protected and survived. I've been told when I ship through UPS that packages need 2 inches of cushioning on all sides and must be able to withstand bumping around 40 MPH automatic conveyors. Click for more info.

Another click if you've got questions.

And if you're still not sure you're doing it right, UPS will pack your box for you for an additional fee.

Now comes my favorite part. I've been obsessed with the shipment of goods and services around the world since the fourth grade (#aspienado), I love watching videos like these. I like to think about my own packages being part of the crazy jumble, wondering if my box coincidentally bumps a box from someone I know, traveling across the planet to people I love, like magic. If I'd had the proper guidance back in the day, I think I'd have been very happy going into shipping logistics.

UPSFedEx, and USPS have their own youtube channels if you want to see more. I've gotta tear my eyes away and get busy!


  1. it often seems as though the package handlers use my packages to slide down the plane ramp... been tempted to write - do not use as a sleigh - on some boxes ;-)

  2. I think mine got caught on a sharp edge and clogged up the conveyor, not sure how it even made it to my house. Just glad it did!