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Friday, May 1, 2015

I refuse to apologize for this

Lurking my way through another day and night, not killing anyone.

I know I'm on the down side of a month-long surge of exuberance and lost sleep. I know I'm in 'recovery' now, coasting on a tide that sweeps me back into an undertow almost as quickly as I think I escape and wake up. I know it's just a mess of brain chemicals readjusting. I know better than to light that bomb in my hand attempting to have a conversation when I'm not capable of it. So instead I'm looking for ridiculous ways to distract myself, and the fans are not failing me.

The best part is that Chrome seems to think it came from this but when I plug it into Torch (a Chrome derivative) I get this, and either way I can't directly get to it. Good luck trying it yourselves. Maybe different browsers will be more cooperative. If you want a head start you can click on the user below and sift through the feed yourself. I don't have the patience.

See, stuff like that works for me. I wind up so distracted I forget all about what originally irked me and I'm able to love the world again. Bless whoever put Benedict in a bubble dress, and the others who get so silly that I can't help following all their little bread crumbs.

We may not quite be out of the woods yet.

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